Why Action Figures Are So Expensive

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Why Action Figures Are So Expensive

When I look around I can’t help but notice how expensive action figures are to buy these days. When I first started collecting Marvel Legends Action Figures they were costing around $9.99 (£6.99) or so. Now the Marvel Legends are hitting the $24.99 mark but why?  Why are action figures so expensive? Why Action Figures Are So Expensive The short answer is increased production costs, more expensive licensing fees, increased prices of raw materials, and inflation. Action figures have always … Read More

NECA Universal Monsters x Teenage Mutant Action Figures

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NECA continues to produce great Action Figures and these NECA Universal Monsters X Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action figures are no exception. This NECA list covers all the figures released in this cool crossover series and gives you the best places to buy them online. This very cool series of NECA figures pay tribute to the world’s most famous crime-fighting turtles and Universal’s icons of horror. April O’Neal is crossed with the Bride of Frankenstein, Leonardo is crossed with the … Read More

Star Wars Black Series Action Figures

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Welcome to our Star Wars Black Series Action Figure list. Here you will find all our favorite Black Series figures that have been released. Here at AFG, we have been huge Star Wars fans from the moment that we first saw A New Hope in 1977 A New Hope signaled the beginning of a Sci-Fi franchise that is pretty much unrivaled apart from when you put Star Trek into the equation. Star Wars also took action figures to a new … Read More

Which Action Figures Should I collect?

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The answer to the question “which action figures should I collect?” is really just that you should simply collect what you like and love. But also to know why you are collecting the action figures you have chosen to collect. Are you collecting Star Wars figure because you love the movies? Do you like the attention to detail that they offer? Are you collecting them in the hope that they gain in value? These are all valid questions but another … Read More

How to start an action figure collection

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Starting an action figure collection can be a fun and rewarding hobby to begin. It takes us back to our younger years and brings back that inner child. And who doesn’t want to go back to the days when life was simpler. We all have our favorite Tv Shows and Movies that we love. And collecting action figures, merchandise and memorabilia is a great way to celebrate what we love about these shows and movies. An obvious example of a favorite … Read More