Hello, my name is Dexter and I am the owner and admin here at ActionFigureGeek.com.

AFG is a UK-based action figure and collectibles fan website. We don’t sell physical products, we write about them, mainly toys and figures that we love, new releases, exclusives, and limited editions. If we like it and want it we write about it. Hopefully, give a very simple perspective on what we think about what we have reviewed. I am a huge Funko Pop fan, longtime action figure collector, and movie and TV geek.

If it is cool, retro, or different then it is something that I will write about.

ActionFigureGeek is a free site but it does have costs so we do link to products.

If you click a link and buy a product then I may make a very small commission at no cost to you. Any money earned pays for the site and helps put cool merch on my shelves. It’s how I fund my geeky madness 😉

I am very interested in connecting with fellow collectors and am open to receiving reviews or contributions from others and am also happy to contribute to other collector sites as well.

You can drop me an email on obiindy@googlemail.com