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All the latest Funko Pop! Exclusive releases, checklists, shopping guides, and more!

Spider-Man with hotdog Funko
Spider-Man with Hot Dog Funko Pop! Spider-Man’s Lunchtime Adventure

We have a very cool Marvel Funko Pop! to bring you today in the shape of the new Spider-Man with Hot…

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Journey to Naboo – Collect all the Phantom Menace Funko Pops

We thought it was time to get our own trusty R2 unit “AFG” (that’s me) to compile …

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New Spider-Man 2 Gamerverse Funko Pops
New Spider-Man 2 Gamerverse Funko Pops

It’s a big day for Spider-Man Gamerverse Funko Pop! fans as three new Spider-Man 2 Gamerverse …

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Saltburn Funko Pops - Full Checklist and Buyers Guide
Saltburn Funko Pops – Full Checklist and Buyers Guide

Today we bring news on the new Saltburn Funko Pops as we bring you our Full Saltburn Funko Pop! Chec…

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New Fanatics Exclusive Undertaker Funko Pop! JUST DROPPED!
New Fanatics Exclusive Undertaker Funko Pop!

We previously shared the exciting news of the new Kane Funko Pop! now we bring news on his brother, …

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Kane Funko Pop! Exclusive -The Big Red Machine Revealed
Kane Funko Pop Exclusive – The Big Red Machine Revealed

We bring news on a great new WWE Funko Pop! in the form of the Kane Funko Pop Exclusive. This new vi…

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Whats new at Funko?

Latest from the AFGeek Blog

Movie and TV-related content. We write above what we love!

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Action Figure Guides

11 Reasons to collect Funko Pops

In this new article, we discuss our top 11 reasons why you should collect Funko Pops! When you think…

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Funko Soda Figures Guide

Funko Soda Figures are becoming increasingly popular with Funko Pop Collectors and today we give you…

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Where to buy Funko Pop Figures? – Collectors Guide

Hmmm “Where to buy Funko Pop figures? There is a lot to consider when you are buying Pop figur…

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Funko Pop Stickers Guide

Welcome to our Funko Pop Stickers Guide. If you are new to collecting Funko Pops then you are probab…

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Buying and selling action figures

Buying and selling action figures is a great way to support and fund your action figure collection. …

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Best LEGO Sets

All the best LEGO sets that are available.

LEGO Captain America's Shield
LEGO Captain America’s Shield

Today we have news on the new LEGO Captain America’s Shield – New Marvel LEGO Infinity S…

New LEGO PAC MAN building set
Relive a Golden Era with the LEGO ICONS PAC-MAN Arcade Set

Today we relive the Golden Era of PAC-MAN with this new 10323 LEGO ICONS PAC-MAN Arcade Set. We have…

LOTR Rivendell LEGO Icons Lord of the Rings (10316)

Its official LEGO is bringing the Elven homeland to life with this new LEGO Icons Lord of the Rings …


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