11 Reasons to collect Funko Pops

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11 Reasons to collect Funko Pops

Last Updated on June 12, 2024 by Dexter Roona

In this new article, we discuss our top 11 reasons why you should collect Funko Pops!

Article Summary:

  • Cool and Iconic Design: Funko Pops have a distinctive, appealing design with oversized heads and simplified features that make them instantly recognizable and easy to display.
  • Pop Culture Representation: They capture mainstream and niche popular culture, appealing to fans of various genres, characters, and franchises.
  • Community and Resale Value: Collecting Funko Pops connects you to a vibrant community and offers potential resale value, especially for rare editions and exclusives.
  • Accessibility and Affordability: Funko Pops are inexpensive compared to other collectibles, making them an accessible hobby for collectors of all ages and interests.


11 Irresistible Reasons to Start Collecting Funko Pops Today!

When you think of the toy company Funko you think of the popular Funko Pop figures that they masterfully produce. Funko Pops appeal to all ages. They are cheap to buy and look great on your shelf or desk. What’s not to like about collecting Funko Pops?

The Funko company was first founded in 1998 by Mike Becker, with urrent CEO Brian Mariotti taking over in 2005 with the first Funko Pops rolling off the production line in 2011.

Dc’s 01 Batman was one of the very first Funko Pops to be released by Funko and the Caped Crusader is still in circulation today though 01 Batman is now a vaulted Pop, very hard to find, and will probably cost you 15x (and he is not one of the most valuable Pops) what he originally cost to buy him.
He was a great buy if you had the vision to buy 01 Batman when he was readily available.
Funko has since gone on to release thousands and thousands of Pops covering all areas of popular culture.
There really is a Pop for everyone!

11 Reasons to collect Funko Pops

Here are our AFG 11 indisputable reasons that you should collect Funko Pops.


Funko Pops just look SO COOL!

Funko POP figures just look so cool. They are simple caricature character figures that despite their simple look and feel still carry a really easy-to-spot likeness to the characters they portray.

Their signature oversized heads sit disproportionately on their bodies, with rounded, sparse features yet detailed enough for their simple likeness to tell you who the character is.

A collection of action figures is impressive but much harder to display especially displayed out of the packaging. Funko Pops are streamlined and regimented in their size unless you buy the supersized Pops or the deluxe versions making for an easy-to-display collection.


Capturing mainstream Pop Culture

Funko Pop vinyl figures document mainstream popular culture. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of what is most popular or an enthusiast of what is underground and niche there is sure to be a series of Pops that will appeal to you.

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Be part of the Funko Pop Community

Collecting Funko Pops makes you part of the Funko family. When you buy a new Pop you are not just buying a pop culture item you also buy into the pop culture community. Pop collectors love to curate their Pops not by just buying them and displaying them but by also talking about them and showing them off on social media.

The days of just going to shops and seeing what is on offer and buying are gone. Collectors crawl the web to get the news and info they need. If you are not informed on the latest releases and special editions then the only way you get the coolest Pops is to happen upon them by chance and that can often result in missing out on the bests figures or having to pay inflated prices to buy them.

Pop collecting is very social, there are groups, forums, and social influencers lining up to welcome you and keep you informed. Join the conversation, and welcome to the family.


Collecting Funko Pops appeals to all ages

Funko Pops appeal to all ages. An adult would appreciate a Jimi Hendrix Pop in the same way that your 8-year-old daughter would appreciate Disney Princess Pops.

Funko Pops appeal to anyone who has a connection to popular characters and culture regardless of their age. They encapsulate the past, present, and to some extent the future.


Funko Pops resale potential

The vast majority of Funko Pop collectors collect these popular vinyl figures for the fun of it and for how they make them feel. Pops can bring you a warming nostalgic glow, particularly for older collectors who can reminisce about what was popular when they were young. There is also money to be made by collecting Funko Pops because they have a massive resale value if you buy the right Pops.

Chase variants, exclusives, and limited editions are all cheap to buy from toy stores and online retailers and can command high resale prices. Some rare Funko Pops can change hands for thousands of dollars which are big money for what they initially cost to buy. The difference between chase variants and common Pops can be very subtle. The difference can be a streak of colour in the hair colour or strong as having extra limbs or a different head. With so few chase variants produced, their value immediately goes up the moment you purchase one because they are so hard to find.

The rule for collecting Funko Pops is to buy what you like! But if you want your collection to increase in value then buy the Chase variants and exclusives. Combine both ideas and you have a kickass collection.

Some of the rarest Pops-produced have been Comic-Con exclusives with limited production runs with lucky convention-goers able to grab these rare and yet inexpensive collectibles by visiting the conventions. Over the years these convention exclusives become highly sought after and very valuable especially when the Funko community is talking about them.


Pops don’t lose their value out of the box

We get a bit jumpy when we talk about taking toys and action figures out of their boxes as doing so often damages the value. That is not really the case with Funko Pops, providing that you do so very carefully.

There is also a benefit to removing your Pops from their boxes. Removing them allows you to then store the packaging away out of sunlight. Sunlight and generally light over time will fade away the colouring of the packaging giving it a bleached look. This severely damages the value. Keeping your Pop boxes flat and in the dark preserves the colours and ensures that when you return your Pops to their boxes they look as good as the day you first purchased them.


Inexpensive to buy

Compared with other collectibles Pops are relatively affordable and cheap to buy making a Funko Pop collection a good collection to start while not breaking the bank.

Action figures like Marvel Legends, and the Star Wars Black Series are double the price of Funko Pops if not more.

Funko Pops give you a low-cost entry into the world of collecting cool collectable pop culture items.


New releases

Popular culture doesn’t stand still! The BIG NEW THING is always on the horizon. And when the current big new thing is being replaced it never vanishes.

As new movies and tv shows are released the Funko catalog of Pops updates and expands. It often seems like there are new releases weekly even daily. On some occasions when there are special events taking place like Funkoween.

Funko spans all aspects of popular culture and is not restricted to a couple of niches. There is always something new to hunt down and buy and collect.


Collect well-known characters

When you are a proud collector, you want people to notice your collection. Funko Pops stand out and get noticed. Funko Pops are popular characters in mainstream media, and easily identifiable. You may still have to explain a few of them, but they are highly recognizable to most.

There is nothing worse for a collector who spends money having to explain their collection, unless of course if what you buy online turns up damaged.


Funko Pops make great gifts

Funkos make great gifts, they are inexpensive and have great mass appeal. Many a collection has started off the back of receiving a Pop as a gift.
You can easily buy Funko Pops in toy stores and supermarkets and readily online. They even cover holidays and special occasions. Why wouldn’t you send your partner a Star Wars Valentine’s Day Pop on Valentine’s Day?


Funkos are fun to collect

Collecting Funko Pops is fun. Owning a vinyl version of your favourite fictional character or sports icon makes you feel good.

We all grow up too fast. Pop collecting brings out that hidden child and can take you back to a time when your life was far less complicated. It is satisfying to look up and see your Pop collection vinyl figurines lining your shelves or walls.


Now it is over to you!

Do you collect Funko Pops? Perhaps you prefer Funko Sodas or conventional action figures?

Maybe you are of the opinion that collecting Funkos is childish.

Let us know in the comments section below… we would love to hear from you!

Regards AFG

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