Where to buy Funko Pop Figures? – Collectors Guide

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Where to buy Funko Pop Figures?

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Hmmm “Where to buy Funko Pop figures? There is a lot to consider when you are buying Pop figures and one of the most if not the most important consideration is where you buy your Pops from especially when you are a collector and the phrase “mint in box” means the world to you

We love the ease of just logging onto our laptops or mobile devices and buying our Pops online but is that the best way to buy Pops? and what are the best places to buy Pops online? We will answer all of these questions and more in our “Where to buy Funko Pop Figures Collectors Guide

NB: This guide does contain affiliate links. If you click a link and make a purchase then we may make a small commission at no cost to you.

Where to buy Funko Pop Figures Collectors Guide

Let’s start with what is really now regarded as the old-school method of buying Pops and that is simply just going to the local store to buy your Pops.


Buying Funko Pops near you from stores

There is nothing quite like going into a big toy store and spending ages going through all the Pops looking for that one Pop that you need to complete a set or the buzz of finding a rare chase variant.

Buying Pops from stores also has the benefit of no postage or shipping costs. You get to see exactly what you are buying so you are fully aware of the condition of the vinyl when buying, there are no surprises. The downside is that some shops like to add big price stickers on the boxes and this can be problematic when you want to remove them with sticker residue damaging the curb appeal of a Pop.

There are normally lots of options to buy Pops near you, near where you live. Just visit a store by your Pops, there is no waiting for them to be delivered. Some stores will allow you to buy your Funko Pops online from the store website then you can just go collect them. This is particularly useful for pre-orders or newly released Pops.


Buying Pops from Stores Pros and Cons


  • You get to see what you are buying and check the condition.
  • No postage costs.
  • Order online and collect in-store


  • What you want is not in stock so it is a wasted journey.
  • Price stickers that are unsightly and difficult to remove.


Best places to buy Funko Pops online

There are endless places where you can buy Funko Pops online but you have to be careful, we always say that you should only buy from reputable websites.

All too often you can find that you end up buying fake Pops or that your Pops are damaged on delivery and that the customer support is not there when you need help.

Buy from reputable websites like Entertainment Earth, Amazon, and Zavvi.

Do your research and buy from websites in the country you live in.


Online Retailer Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth Website Homepage

Entertainment Earth Website Homepage


Entertainment Earth is one of the best places to buy Pops online for the following reasons.


  • Competitive Shipping Costs.
  • Mint Condition Guarantee (Worth its weight in Gold when you are a collector).
  • Low Price Guarantee (if you find something cheaper let them know and they give you 110% of the value of the difference).
  • Free delivery on in-stock orders totalling $79.99 (Domestic Sales only).
  • 90-day returns policy.
  • Preorders are charged to your card only once your items have shipped.
  • Exclusives and rarities are on offer.


The only downside to buying on Entertainment Earth is that they are US-based and here at AFG we are in the UK. If you are US-based then there is no downside, you have the best place to buy Funko Pops online.

Entertainment Earth does ship worldwide but obviously, that costs more and you have to consider import fees that may apply depending on the value of your order.


Forbidden Planet

If you are based in the UK then Forbidden Planet or The Entertainer are good alternatives to Entertainment Earth.

They don’t just have a great online site they also have 3 Megastores, with the flagship store being located in London just off of Shaftsbury Avenue.



Zavvi is also a good UK retailer where you can buy Pops online along with a whole host of cool movie and tv related merch. They have a very good reputation.


Where to buy Funko Pop Figures, is Amazon a good choice?

Amazon has the benefit of being a huge retailer that gives you free shipping (often the next day) for Prime members so you can save a lot on shipping costs.

They have a vast selection of Funko Pops, Action Figures, and collectibles and are well worth checking out.

They are also based in every country so there should never be any import costs unless you specifically buy from an overseas Amazon site


Is eBay a good place to buy Pops online?

eBay scares a lot of collectors because they fear that they are buying from shady sellers or scammers. Yes you do need to be very careful when buying Funko Pops online from eBay because if you are going to have problems buying online, eBay is a platform where you have a much higher risk but when you negate the risks then eBay is a great place to buy Pops and action figures online.


Ask lots of questions

If you are going to spend money on eBay then ask lots of questions. They have a great messaging system so it is very easy to ask questions. Take into account how fully your questions are answered and how quickly they respond to you.

Ask questions like:

“How will the items be packaged?” If they tell you that they send out in the jiffy bags/padded bags then run.

“What postage service do you use?” It should say on the listings that you are interested in but?

“I am looking to buy multiple items so will you combine the postage?” Each listing will have its postage costs so technically if you buy 10 items then you can be charged the postage x10. Always ask for the postage costs to be combined and get the price upfront.

You can easily buy an item very cheap only to find the postage is marked up much higher than it should be. It’s just a really bad sales method for the seller to save on selling fees as fees are calculated on the final selling price and not the selling price with the shipping costs.


Always ask for images of the items

Getting images allows you to check the condition of the items. Make sure that you look carefully at the fonts and colors used on the packaging. Where possible find the same items from reputable retailers and compare the boxes like for like.

Avoid any seller who refuses to do this.


Buy Funko Pops on eBay


Check the seller’s Feedback

You can very easily check the feedback score of any seller just go to the seller information and there you can see the feedback from buyers broken down into Positive Feedback, Neutral and Negative

Read the feedback left by buyers. If you are seeing comments like “The item arrived damaged, the packaging was awful and the seller is now not answering my messages” then you know there are potential problems.

You need to remain open-minded though, a couple of negative comments out of thousands doesn’t make a bad seller.


Disputes and chargebacks

If you do encounter problems then all is not lost.

You can file disputes and let eBay decide who is at fault. They almost always find in the buyer’s favor.

If you make your purchase via Paypal and we recommend that you always do then you can also charge back the payment as the “item not received”.

Unless a signature is obtained when the goods are delivered there is no proof that the items were shipped and actually arrived and so again you will win any dispute of this nature and receive a full refund.

The only time that you won’t win an appeal like this is if the items are shipped to a verified address and a signature has been obtained. If you ask for the items to be shipped to an unverified address then you are pretty much bulletproof.


Buy Funko Pops on eBay


Even more protection

We told you above to always check the feedback of any seller. Not only can you garner what others are saying about a seller you can also have your say.

The feedback score is very important to a seller. If that score drops too low they can be removed from the platform. For every item, you buy you can leave feedback. So if you buy 10 Pop Vinyls you can leave lots of feedback. Always leave feedback be it positive and well-earned or negative because the experience was a nightmare.


Buy Funko Pops on eBay


Yes, eBay is a good place to buy Pops online

If you have read our guidance above then you are covered for every eventuality on eBay. There is no need to fear the platform in fact there are really good reasons to use it.

You can buy Pops cheap. Yes, sometimes you see wishlist prices. These are prices from sellers that are high because they don’t really want to sell but often you can find bargains.

You can also buy loose Pops. Not everyone cares about having the box. Some collectors like to buy and take out the box to display so buy them loose. You can pick up loose Pops very cheaply compared to boxed versions.

You can buy vaulted Pops that are no longer available in stores or on websites and buy Funko exclusives from other countries that are not available where you live.


Where to buy Funko Pop Figures? – Collectors Guide – Takeaways

You hear and read a lot about buyers getting scammed online and goods being damaged. As long as you do your due diligence and ask your questions and check reviews etc then you are covered.

If there is a big-ticket item I wanted to buy I would first always try to get it from a store first. If it was not available I would go to a reputable online retailer and do my due diligence and I would definitely be looking at eBay because I know how to navigate the platform and so do you now 😉


So there you have it, our Where to Buy Funko Pop Figures – Collectors Guide

Now it is over to you.

Where do you buy your Pops and Figures from?

Which other online retailers should we mention in this guide?

You can leave us a comment below. Alternatively, send us a message via our contact form. You can find it linked in the menu bar above and let us know.

We would love to hear from you!



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