New Funko Soda Figures Just Dropped

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A whole host of new Funko Soda Figures have just dropped and here is what you need to know about these cool Funko collectibles. Funko has just announced a new batch of Funko Sodas that have just dropped onto our radar here at AFG. We have new Sodas from the Star Wars franchise including Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper. Stranger Things fans will be happy with a new Soda of Eleven, and Samurai Jack fans can also seek out the … Read More

Anime Funko Soda Figures

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With anime being so popular within the Funko Pop range it is quite surprising to us that there are not more Anime Funko Soda Figures. There are figures from just 3 franchises, My Hero Academia, Naruto, and Boruto. There are no Dragon Ball Z Sodas, Black Clover Sodas, etc. But what we do have are very cool and anime Pop fans will want them. Anime Funko Soda Figures that we do have are All Might, Duku, and Katsuki Bakugo from … Read More

Funko Soda Figures Guide

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Funko Soda Figures are becoming increasingly popular with Funko Pop Collectors and today we give you our AFG heads up and explain a little more about what Sodas are and how you can start and reasons why you should start collecting Funko Soda figures. As a Funko Pop collector should you start collecting Funko Sodas? Funko Sodas are vinyl figures that come in soda cans (fizzy drinks cans) but instead of there being any sweet lemonade or cola there you … Read More

Marvel Funko Soda Figures

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Funko Soda figures are becoming increasingly popular and in this article, we bring you are Marvel Funko Soda Figures checklist, buyers guide, and gallery, with all the news on exclusives and variants. Funko Marvel Soda Figures are packaged inside Funko Soda Pop cans. There are two versions of Each Soda Figure. There is the regular common figure, and there is a chase variant version that gives you a 1/6 chance of finding a chase figure and you don’t know if … Read More