Why Action Figures Are So Expensive

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Why Action Figures Are So Expensive

When I look around I can’t help but notice how expensive action figures are to buy these days. When I first started collecting Marvel Legends Action Figures they were costing around $9.99 (£6.99) or so. Now the Marvel Legends are hitting the $24.99 mark but why?  Why are action figures so expensive? Why Action Figures Are So Expensive The short answer is increased production costs, more expensive licensing fees, increased prices of raw materials, and inflation. Action figures have always … Read More

11 Reasons to collect Funko Pops

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In this new article, we discuss our top 11 reasons why you should collect Funko Pops! When you think of the toy company Funko you think of the popular Funko Pop figures that they masterfully produce. Funko Pops appeal to all ages. They are cheap to buy and look great on your shelf or desk. What’s not to like about collecting Funko Pops? The Funko company was first founded in 1998 by Mike Becker, with urrent CEO Brian Mariotti taking … Read More

Funko Soda Figures Guide

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Funko Soda Figures are becoming increasingly popular with Funko Pop Collectors and today we give you our AFG heads up and explain a little more about what Sodas are and how you can start and reasons why you should start collecting Funko Soda figures. As a Funko Pop collector should you start collecting Funko Sodas? Funko Sodas are vinyl figures that come in soda cans (fizzy drinks cans) but instead of there being any sweet lemonade or cola there you … Read More

Where to buy Funko Pop Figures? – Collectors Guide

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Hmmm “Where to buy Funko Pop figures? There is a lot to consider when you are buying Pop figures and one of the most if not the most important consideration is where you buy your Pops from especially when you are a collector and the phrase “mint in box” means the world to you We love the ease of just logging onto our laptops or mobile devices and buying our Pops online but is that the best way to buy … Read More

Funko Pop Stickers Guide

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Welcome to our Funko Pop Stickers Guide. If you are new to collecting Funko Pops then you are probably wondering what all the different stickers that you find of the Funko boxes mean. In this article, we explain the basics for the most common stickers that are found on Funko Pops. Funko Pop Stickers Explained The Funko Pop Stickers that you see on many Pop vinyls are very important particularly to collectors because they symbolize the importance of a particular … Read More

Buying and selling action figures

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Buying and selling action figures is a great way to support and fund your action figure collection. If you buy cases of figures to hunt down elusive chase variants then you’re going to get doubles of figures. And when this happens you have the opportunity to sell them on and get back what you paid for them or maybe even make a little profit to put back into your collection. If you collect any action figures that come with BAF parts then you can even open the figures and sell the main figure separately and create the BAF and keep it or sell it on or in fact just sell the BAF parts. If you are not sure what a BAF figure is then let me explain. Some action figures … Read More

Selling action figures on eBay – Getting started guide

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Buying and selling action figures on eBay is big business especially when you are selling mint condition figures, still in their packaging. These are what collectors are really looking for. There is also quite a significant number of loose action figures sold. eBay is undoubtedly the most popular marketplace for private sellers. Here is your Action Figure Geek eBay guide to selling action figures on eBay. Of course, this guide can also be applied to other items that you sell … Read More

Where to buy and sell action figures

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Many action figure collectors buy and sell action figures. And I am no different. When you buy cases of action figures you often get 3 of 1 figure 2 or another and then just 1 of the remaining figures in the series or wave. It is never an exact split of numbers between each figure in the series. So what do you do when you end up with 3 of the same action figures from the same case? Well, you can … Read More

Actions figures you should collect

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Action figures you should collect and some that you shouldn’t I started collecting action figures as a result of watching Star Wars as a kid and became a Star Wars collector. I remember when the first movie hit cinemas in 1977. The toys were already in stores and I remember I was 14 or so when I saw them and was in awe. I wanted them but I was a teenager and it wasn’t really cool to have action figures let … Read More

How to display your action figure collection

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So you have built up a great action figure collection but how do display your action figure collection to get the most out of it? Well, there are a few things to consider. How much space do you have to display your action figure collection? Space, how much do you have? How many action figures do you have? Your collection may be way too big to display in total so you will need to implement some kind of rotation system. Are … Read More