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Funko Soda Figures are becoming increasingly popular with Funko Pop Collectors and today we give you our AFG heads up and explain a little more about what Sodas are and how you can start and reasons why you should start collecting Funko Soda figures.

As a Funko Pop collector should you start collecting Funko Sodas?

Funko Sodas are vinyl figures that come in soda cans (fizzy drinks cans) but instead of there being any sweet lemonade or cola there you get a very cool Funko Vinyl Soda Figure inside and Pop collectors are starting to pair their Pop collections with Funko Sodas as well simply because it is another Funko merch line that really compliments Funko Pops in the same way as the Pop Pins and Funko Keychains do.

It’s another line that compliments the Funko experience and gives collectors something they can open instead of having to keep the pops within their box to hold their value.


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Product image What are Funko Sodas? - Funko Soda Figures Guide

What are Funko Sodas?

Funkos  Soda Figures stand at 4.25-inch tall and come inside Funko Soda Pops. Each Soda vinyl is available in two versions, one is the common version,  and the other is the very rare chase variant version giving you a 1 in 6 chance of finding a rare chase figure.

But here is the thing you can’t just go to the store and buy the chase. The Soda figures are inside cans so when you buy a Soda you don’t know if you have been lucky and got the chase or if you have got the common version.


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Why are Funko Sodas becoming popular?

Funko Sodas are becoming popular because they are a unique offering, they don’t come in boxes they are not in a plastic bubble with a card back they come in what are drinks cans and so easy to stack on a shelf and don’t take up much room.

They are also a 3 in 1 collectible. When you buy a Soda Vinyl you get:

  • Soda Can
  • Funko Soda Figure
  • Collectible disc

Another unique offering from Funko Sodas is that they are designed to be opened and do not decrease in value when you open them.

To open your Soda hold the Soda Pop facing upwards, grab the metal cap on the top of the can, and pop it off. As well as the figure inside you also receive a collectible disc letting you know which version of the figure you have.

Product image As a Funko Pop collector should you start collecting Funko Sodas?


Where can you buy Funko Sodas online?

There is any number of online outlets for Funko Sodas but our favorites are:


Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth offers free shipping within the US and also offers its incredibly valuable Mint Condition Guarantee giving you assurances that the merch that you buy will always arrive in perfect condition. They also allow you to pre-order items and only change you when your items have been shipped.



Amazon has a vast selection of Funko Pops, Sodas, and Action Figures and also offers free next-day delivery on many items if you are an Amazon Prime member.


Pop In A Box

Pop in a Box is a great online outlet that specializes in Funko merch with a great selection of Pops and Soda.



eBay is a great marketplace to buy Funko Pops and Sodas. You can save money if you buy figures loose you can even win them much at much cheaper prices if you are lucky in the eBay auctions. You can even sell your Pops and Sodas there when you run out of space. eBay is also a great place to hunt down the figures that are no longer available in online retailers.


Buy Funko Sodas at eBay


Reasons to buy Funko Sodas

Here are our reasons for buying and collecting Funko Sodas


1. Chase Variants

You have a 1-6 chance of picking up rare chase variant and even if you are not lucky in getting the chase the figures themselves are very often limited editions that have a very low production run so even the common figures are hard to find or become hard to find very quickly.


2. You can open your Sodas without impacting their value

Funko Sodas are easily opened without damaging the figure inside. Collectors often like to display their figures out of their boxes or packaging and this is easily done with Sodas


3. Limited Editions and Exclusives

All Soda figures are typically limited to a set number that is produced, 5000, 10000, 15000. The production run number is always started on the can, the lower the number the rarer the figure inside.

You also get online stores that are given store exclusives. Sodas that are just sold in that particular outlet, the WandaVision Agatha Harkness Entertainment Exclusive is a very good example of a store exclusive. As well as store exclusives you can also get Comic-Con exclusives


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Funko Soda Figures Guide – Takeaways

Funko Pops and Funko Sodas are firm fan favorites. The market for Funko Pops is massive and it is increasing for Funko Sodas as well. Why?

Because they are just so collectible.

Funko is very clever in creating ultra-rare variants and exclusives and with a strong buying market, they often increase in value or at the very least hold their value which is something that Funko collectors really love about them.


Now it is over to you!

Have you purchased any Funko Sodas? We have some of the cool Marvel Funko Sodas that have been released in our collection.

Perhaps you are a Pop collector or a traditional action figure collector buying the likes of the Star Wars Black Series or Marvel Legends Series?

Let us know in the comments section below.

We would love to hear from you.

Regards AFG


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