Ahsoka Easter Eggs you might have missed

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Important Ahsoka Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed!

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The Disney+ Ahsoka is a live-action continuation of Ahsoka Tano’s story taking many plotlines established in Star Wars Rebels, The Clone Wars, and The Mandalorian and building and expanding on them. As a result, there are plenty of Ahsoka easter eggs and references to these series within the Ashoka series as well as the wider world of the Star Wars Universe.

So keep reading for our guide to some of the most important easter eggs in Ahsoka so far.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Ahsoka!

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Ahsoka S1 – Part One: Master and Apprentice and Part Two: Toil and Trouble

Echoes of Ahsoka: Baylan Skoll’s Defining Moment in the New Republic Prison Transport

When Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati infiltrate the New Republic Prison Transport that is holding Morgan Elsbeth. The Captain tells Baylan that he and Shin Hati are not Jedi, Baylan confirms he was right and that “[they] are no Jedi.” before killing the captain and crew.

These Baylan lines look to be a reference to one of Ahsoka Tano‘s most famous lines from the Rebels animated series, where she tells Darth Vader, “I am no Jedi.”


Exploring Nightsister Magic: Morgan Elsbeth’s Dark Connection in The Mandalorian

Morgan Elsbeth first meets Ahsoka in The Mandalorian. She claims to be descended from the Nightsisters of Dathomir. The Nightsisters are a clan of Force-sensitive warrior women who reside on the planet Dathomir. They are not Sith, but draw upon the Dark Side of the Force, practicing unique mystical and magical arts.

AHSOKA's Morgan Elsbeth and the Nightsisters of Dathomir

AHSOKA’s Morgan Elsbeth and the Nightsisters of Dathomir – Ahsoka Easter Eggs

High-profile Nightsisters in the Star Wars universe include Count Dooku’s Sith assassin Asajj Ventress, Darth Maul’s Mother, Mother Talzin who was the leader of the Nightsisters during the Clone Wars, and the Nightsister Merrin from Jedi: Fallen Order/Survivor.

Sabine Wren has previously encountered the Nightsisters when she was possessed by them as part of a magical deal. Later we see Elsbeth using green flame Nightsister magic to unlock the star map revealing the location of Thrawn.

Hera Syndulla’s Momentous Debut in Ahsoka: Ahsoka Easter Eggs and Jedi Connections

General Hera Syndulla finally makes her live-action debut in Ahsoka. Hera is played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead who just happens to be married to fellow Star Wars very own Obi-Wan Kenobi,  Ewan McGregor. When Hera and Ahsoka reunite we are treated to a whole host of easter eggs.

Hera Syndulla's Momentous Debut in Ahsoka: Ahsoka Easter Eggs and Jedi Connections

Hera Syndulla’s Momentous Debut in Ahsoka: Ahsoka Easter Eggs and Jedi Connections

Their meeting takes place aboard Admiral Ackbar’s command ship from Return of the Jedi, Home One. Hera also says to Ahsoka“It’s never a straight line with you Jedi,” this is a reference to her past with the Jedi and specifically with Kanan Jarrus. Hera’s son Jacen Syndulla, is around nine years old at this point. Anakin was also nine during The Phantom Menace and in the Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ series, Leia and Luke are also nine.

Hera and Chopper are also seen to get into an argument as they fly The Phantom II so named after the Rebels series when Ezra Bridger accidentally destroyed The Phantom I.


From Empire to Freedom: The Rebirth of Lothal in Star Wars

In a decade of Post-Imperial rule, the planet of Lothal has recovered with the capital city now featuring ivory towers looking somewhat like the ones Ezra Bridger imagined when he envisioned a Lothal free of the Empire.

The Independence celebration, also reveals that Ryder Azadi is again the Governor and that Jai Kell is now the planet’s Senator in the New Republic. As all of Lothal celebrates its independence Sabine Wren is seen to be suffering from losing her best friend.


Ezra Bridger’s Last Message: The Impact on Sabine Wren and Lothal

In the Star Wars Rebels series finale, Ezra Bridger left a hologram message saying goodbye and predicting his sacrifice would liberate Lothal.

During Ahsoka, we discover that Ezra left an additional message for Sabine Wren, asking her to watch over his home world. This request stopped Sabine from going back to Mandalore and probably saved her life, stopping her from getting caught up in the Night of a Thousand Tears.

Ezra Bridger's Last Message: The Impact on Sabine Wren and Lothal

Ezra Bridger’s Last Message: The Impact on Sabine Wren and Lothal

Missing Ezra, Sabine has moved into his communications tower and also now has a Loth-cat, like the wild one that Ezra befriended.


Sabine Wren’s Unique Journey with the Darksaber and Ahsoka Tano

Sabine Wren is one of only a few non-Jedi to wield a lightsaber. She was taught to use the Darksaber by Kanan Jarrus and Ezra and then passed it on to Bo-Katan Kryze.

In the Ahsoka series, it is revealed that Ahsoka took Sabine on as an apprentice but cut Sabine’s training short for reasons unknown. Despite this Ahsoka knows that Sabine can see things she can’t and so takes the star map to her with Sabine using her knowledge as an artist to decipher Force codexes unlocking the Lothal Jedi Temple’s portal to the World Between Worlds.

Defying the Odds: Sabine Wren’s Lightsaber Near-Fatal Injury

When Shin Hati stabs Sabine in the torso with her lightsaber in the heat of battle but Sabine survives with only a scar.

Defying the Odds: Sabine Wren's Lightsaber Near-Fatal Injury

Defying the Odds: Sabine Wren’s Lightsaber Near-Fatal Injury

You can argue that lightsaber wounds don’t work like that. However, we have seen characters survive much worse in Star Wars. Darth Maul for example survived being cut in half, and more recently we saw Finn able to stand on his feet just hours after getting his back sliced and diced by Kylo Ren’s lightsaber.


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