Who is Grand Admiral Thrawn? Ahsoka’s Ultimate Big Bad!

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The Rise of Grand Admiral Thrawn: Ahsoka's Ultimate Test

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Grand Admiral Thrawn makes his live-action debut in the Star Wars Ahsoka series. But who is the charismatic Thrawn? Here is everything you need to know to bring you up to speed!

Who is Grand Admiral Thrawn?

When you plunge into the depths of the Star Wars Universe, venturing beyond the familiar names you might chance upon a Chiss male named Mitth’raw’nuruodo, or as his more widely known Grand Admiral Thrawn

This alien being, with skin the color of cerulean blue and eyes like pools of crimson, originates from a vast expanse known as the Unknown Regions.

Thrawn has a tactical brilliant mind that captures the attention of all those that he meets. But Thrawn didn’t just capture the attention of Emperor Palpatine he took his undivided focus and attention. All of Thrawn’s triumphs led Palpatine to quickly bring Thrawn as a member of his cadre.

And so Thrawn was ushered into the folds of the Empire with a commendable rank and was joined by his direct subordinate, Eli Vento.

However, Thrawn wasn’t to be just another face within the Empire.

His feats were so remarkable that his rise through the Empire’s military ranks was seen as a meteoric surge. Seemingly in the mere blink of an eye, Thrawn had earned the title of Grand Admiral leaving many envious of his meteoric rise

His swift rise in rank prompted raised eyebrows and made some senators and key influential figures very uneasy that an outsider could attain such heights.

Yet, Thrawn was still able to grow and nurture strategic alliances with a calm attitude. His strategic mind gave him the foresight to always be a step ahead and neutralize any potential threats. And he did this while always ensuring what he saw as the Empire’s interests were safeguarded.

The Rise of Grand Admiral Thrawn: Ahsoka's Ultimate Test

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Who are the mysterious Chiss from Csilla?

The Chiss hail from the cold and frosty realms of Csilla, the Chiss. But the Chiss are not just another everyday race within the Star Wars universe. They are the masters of the Chiss Ascendancy, an aristocratic oligarchical nation similar to the Empire of the Unknown Regions, a dark and mysterious authority with its own tale to tell.

For the Chiss espionage is in their nature they are able to easily blend in. They have even been known to wear fake skins to gain entry into other governing bodies, a tactic that they have even dared to use with the Empire.

The Chiss females possess an extraordinary ability that allows them to tap into the Force, individuals who possess the ability are known as “Sky-walkers” and are able to see and translate visions.

The Rise of Grand Admiral Thrawn: Ahsoka's Ultimate Test

The Rise of Grand Admiral Thrawn: Ahsoka’s Ultimate Test

Thrawns Strategic Mind

Thrawn is likened to a chess master. There is no move that he does not see and he is always able to counter with his own strategic move. Nothing ever goes unnoticed which is why he is such a formidable opponent and why he carries favor with the Emperor.

Thrawn’s decision-making involves him immersing himself and being extremely well-versed in the history and culture of any given enemy. Knowing everything he needs to know, leaving no stone unturned allows him to look for that fatal chink in the armor, that allows him to counter the threat at hand.

It would be easy to perceive Thrawn as narcissistic and to be arrogant but Thrawn is an individual who just doesn’t underestimate his opponents.

But Thrawn does have one weakness and it is a big one and that weakness is that he has a tendency to disregard Force-sensitive beings as a tangible threat.

Of course, we haven’t seen Thrawn personally lose in any real capacity but we don’t know how his record will stand at the end of the Ahsoka series.


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