NEW Cowboy Bebop Funko Pops

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Great news Cowboy Bebop Fans, Funko is releasing New Cowboy Bebop Funko Pops. Here is all the news on these cool new anime Pops and the best online retailers to buy them from. Cowboy Bebop follows the story of a group of Space bounty hunters as they travel through space hunting down the bad guys. These all-new Cowboy Bebop Funko Pops join the previously released Pops in our Cowboy Bebop Funko Pop Checklist. This new wave of vinyl figures features … Read More

My Hero Academia Funko Pop Checklist

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We continue our anime Funko Pop lists with our My Hero Academia Funko Pop Checklist, Buyers Guide, and Gallery. We have details on all the exclusives and variants released so far and the best places that you can buy them. The Funko Pop My Hero Academia series of anime/animation Pops covers all the cool characters from the fan-favorite My Hero Academia anime. My Hero Academia is a Japanese superhero anime/manga series written and illustrated by the very talented Kōhei Horikoshi. … Read More