Chicago Bulls – Michael Jordan Funko Pop!

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Chicago Bulls - Michael Jordan Funko Pop!

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Your collection needs a Legend and that is exactly what it gets when you buy the new Chicago Bulls – Michael Jordan Funko Pop in his famous 45 Jersey. Here is all the Funko Pop news and info that you need and the best online retailers to buy him from.

Michael Jordan is a legend of his time and is highly regarded as the best NBA player ever. Now Funko Pop immortalizes the Chicago Bulls Hero with this new Basketball: Chicago Bulls – Michael Jordan in 45 Jersey Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – Funko Shop Exclusive.

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Chicago Bulls – Michael Jordan Funko Pop! 

The Michael Jordan Funko Pop figure features Jordan in his red Chicago Bulls away uniform, complete with the number 45 on the jersey which he switched to from 23 after his return to the NBA after an absence.

The figure stands at approximately 3.75 inches tall and comes in a window display box, making it the perfect addition to any fan’s collection.

Available as a Funko Shop Exclusive.

149 Chicago Bulls - Michael Jordan Funko Pop! 

Chicago Bulls – Michael Jordan Funko Pop! 

Shopping Guide

You can buy the Chicago Bulls – Michael Jordan Funko Pop! figure at the following retailers:


Entertainment Earth

eBay and eBay UK

Entertainment Earth is offering a very generous 10% discount on all in-stock items with free postage and packaging on all orders you make totaling over $39.99. You can claim this discount by clicking here – AFGEEK discount

Entertainment Earth Discount

If you would like more information about this discount then please refer to our Entertainment Earth Discount page.

Michael Jordan: The Greatest of All Time

When it comes to basketball, Michael Jordan is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and influential players of all time. Known for his incredible talent, competitive spirit, and winning mindset, Jordan has left a lasting legacy on the sport and beyond.

One way that fans can celebrate Jordan’s legacy is through the world of collectibles. One of the newest additions to the Michael Jordan collectibles market is the Funko Pop figure such as the new Chicago Bulls – Michael Jordan Funko Pop! that we feature today.

Funko Pop figures are vinyl collectibles that are popular among collectors of all ages. They feature a wide variety of characters from popular culture, including movies, TV shows, and sports stars.

This new Michael Jordan Pop figure is a new addition to the collection and is already in high demand among fans.

But just how many Funko Pops does Michael Jordan have?

The answer is quite a few.

Some of the other versions include Jordan in his North Carolina Tar Heels uniform, Jordan in his Team USA uniform, and Jordan in a black Chicago Bulls uniform.

The full Michael Jordan Funko Pop Checklist to date is below:

  • 54 Michael Jordan – Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan Bronzed – Foot Locker Exclusive
  • 55 Michael Jordan – Bulls Black – Fanatics Exclusive
  • 56 Michael Jordan – Bulls Red – Target Exclusive 
  • 71 Michael Jordan ’96 All-Star – Upper Deck
  • 73 Michael Jordan Home – UNC Tar Heels – Walmart Exclusive
  • 74 Michael Jordan Away – UNC Tar Heels
  • 75 Michael Jordan Warmups – UNC Tar Heels and Michael Jordan 10″ – Bulls Red
  • 76 Michael Jordan 10″ – Bulls White – Foot Locker Exclusive
  • 84 Michael Jordan – Bulls Red Warmup – Fanatics and Michael Jordan Bulls – White Warmup – Target Exclusive
  • 100 Michael Jordan – All-Star Game – FunkoShop Exclusive
  • 114 Michael Jordan – USA 1992 White – Target Exclusive
  • 115 Michael Jordan – USA 1992 Navy – Foot Locker Exclusive
  • 117 Michael Jordan – USA 1992 Navy 10″ – Walmart
  • 126 Michael Jordan – Bulls #45 – Bait and  Michael Jordan – Bulls Pinstripes – Foot Locker and also Michael Jordan – Bulls #12 – Upper Deck
  • 137 Michael Jordan – 1998 NBA All-Star
  • 149 Michael Jordan – Bulls #45 – Funko Exclusive

But just how many Funko Pops does Michael Jordan have?

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