Disney 100 Frozen Elsa Funko Pop Diamond Glitter Exclusive

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Product image Disney 100 Frozen Elsa Funko Pop Diamond Glitter Exclusive

Last Updated on January 12, 2023 by Dexter Roona

There is another Disney 100 Frozen Elsa Funko Pop! Diamond Glitter Exclusive to report on. We have all the news on this potential new release.

Elsa is coming to the Disney 100 Funko Pop line up and this is your chance to own the special Disney 100th Anniversary Funko Pop.

She is all set to bring her ice magic to your collection. The only question is “do you wanna build a snowman?”

This new representation of the Ice Queen comes with so much personality that you can feel her icy powers just by looking at it.

The new Frozen Elsa Disney 100 Diamond Glitter Funko Pop Exclusive looks great in her shimmery ice dress. Funko has pulled out all the stops, creating a detailed Pop that looks like ice magic has been used to create it. This new Frozen Pop is so magical, could Elsa be the designer of this great Frozen Pop?

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Disney 100th Anniversary  – Disney 100 Frozen Elsa Funko Pop Diamond Glitter Exclusive 

Elsa displays the elegance of the best ice sculptures. She looks like she has been expertly crafted from snow and ice with enough glitter sparkle to light up the night sky. Moreover, no Frozen fan should be without this Disney 100 Frozen Elsa commemorative Diamond Glitter Funko Pop.

Whether you add it to your own collection or gift it to a friend or family member. No Frozen fan should have to go without this Diamond Glitter Funko Pop Elsa Disney 100 Funko Pop.

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Princess Elsa of Arendale has a secret, she holds the power to create ice and snow from her fingertips. It is a beautiful power that can become extremely dangerous.

Elsa is haunted by the moment her ice magic nearly killed her sister Anna while playing together. As a result, Elsa isolated herself from Anna and was forced to forsake her ice powers and suppress them.

Some years later during Elsa’s coronation as queen, her emotions get the better of her and she triggers her magic. The ice blast of emotion is enough to accidentally start an eternal winter that she cannot control. Now Elsa must learn to embrace her powers and with the help of Anna and her friends control them.

Frozen 2 sees Elsa and Anna discovering their origin story and their link to the magical forest people.

Frozen is a Disney franchise that has spawned a stack of awesome merchandise the Frozen Funko Pop releases are very popular with Frozen fans and collectors alike and this new Disney 100 Frozen Elsa Funko Pop Diamond Glitter Exclusive is a great addition to the Disney 100th Anniversary Funko Pops list.

The Elsa Diamond Glitter Disney 100 Funko Pop has not been confirmed yet. When it becomes official we will update accordingly. You can checkout other unoffical Pops on our Funko Pop Rumors and Leaks pages.

Are you a Disney 100 Funko Pop fan?

Will you be adding the Disney 100 Frozen Elsa Funko Pop Diamond Glitter Exclusive to your Frozen Funko Pop collection?

Which other Disney 100th Anniversary Pops do you like?

I am a big fan of the Split Color Mickey Mouse and the Mickey Mouse Fantasia Disney 100 Movie Poster Funko Pop.

Away from Disney, I like the Demon Slayer – Tanjuro Kamado Funko Pop! and the Sword Art Online Funko Pops.

But what do you like?

Let me know in the comments section below.




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