Funko Pop Alligator Loki – Hot Topic Exclusive

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Today we bring you the new Funko Pop Alligator Loki. Here is everything you need to know about the reptilian God of mischief. Alligator Loki is a variant of Loki the God of Mischief the brother of Thor the God of Thunder from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that appears in the Disney+ series Loki and as the name suggests he really is an alligator. Alligator Loki was sent to the Void as punishment by the TVA – Time Variance Authority … Read More

Loki Funko Pop Tv Figures Checklist

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loki funko pop checklist

We return to the Marvel Universe to bring you our Loki Funko Pop Tv Figures Checklist and Buyers Guide covering all the Pops released from the popular Disney+ Tv Series along with all the news of the exclusives Pops and set info. The Loki Disney+ TV Series gives Pop collectors more cool Marvel Pop figures to add to their collections. The Disney+ Marvel Tv shows have given us all new versions of Wanda Maximoff and Vision from the WandaVision series … Read More