From Marvel to Star Wars: The Evolution of LEGO BrickHeadz

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The History of LEGO BrickHeadz and comparison to Funko Pops

Today in the AFGeek blog we bring you The History of LEGO BrickHeadz when they started, the first BrickHeadz produced, and draw a comparison between LEGO BrickHeadz and the ever-popular Funko Pops! LEGO BrickHeadz are a relatively new addition to the LEGO lineup, but they have quickly become a fan favorite. These blocky figures combine the classic LEGO aesthetic with the cute, stylized look of cartoon characters. They are easy to assemble, highly customizable, and make great collectibles. In this … Read More

LEGO Jurassic Park BrickHeadz

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We return to our LEGO BrickHeadz lists with our LEGO Jurassic Park BrickHeadz Checklist, Buyers Guide, and Gallery. This LEGO Jurassic Park BrickHeadz set is taken from the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie and includes the dinosaur trainer Owen who comes with his tranquilizer gun and the alpha velociraptor Blue. LEGO has so far only produced one BrickHeadz set from the Jurassic Park franchise which is not enough for us, but LEGO has done much better in producing full Jurassic … Read More