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We return to our LEGO BrickHeadz lists with our LEGO Jurassic Park BrickHeadz Checklist, Buyers Guide, and Gallery.

This LEGO Jurassic Park BrickHeadz set is taken from the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie and includes the dinosaur trainer Owen who comes with his tranquilizer gun and the alpha velociraptor Blue.

LEGO has so far only produced one BrickHeadz set from the Jurassic Park franchise which is not enough for us, but LEGO has done much better in producing full Jurassic Park LEGO sets with the Jurassic World Jurassic Park: T-Rex Rampage 75936 LEGO Set consisting of  3120 Pieces being the pick of what is on offer.

LEGO Jurassic Park BrickHeadz Checklist

  • Jurassic World LEGO BrickHeadz 41614 – Owen and Blue


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LEGO Jurassic Park BrickHeadz Buyers Guide and Gallery

Let’s look at each of these cool Jurassic Park/World BrickHeadz sets in more detail.


LEGO Jurassic World BrickHeadz 41614 – Owen and Blue

Let’s start by saying this is a very cool BrickHeadz set.

The LEGO Jurassic World 41614 Brickheadz set brings us Raptor/Dinosaur Trainer Owen and the alpha Raptor Blue in glorious brick form.

Both figures have strong detailing particularly Owen who is holding his tranquilizer gun.

Product image - Front of Box - LEGO Jurassic World BrickHeadz 41614 - Owen and Blue

Box front – LEGO Jurassic World BrickHeadz 41614 – Owen and Blue


Product image - Box Back - LEGO Jurassic World BrickHeadz 41614 - Owen and Blue

Box Back – LEGO Jurassic World BrickHeadz 41614 – Owen and Blue


Product assembled - LEGO Jurassic World BrickHeadz 41614 - Owen and Blue

Assembled – LEGO Jurassic World BrickHeadz 41614 – Owen and Blue


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It is now the 30th Anniversary of Jurassic park so it will be interesting to see if LEGO produces any new Jurassic Park BickHeadz sets in the coming months.

The Story between Owen and Blue in Jurassic World

Owen Grady is a Velociraptor trainer in Jurassic World who has developed a close relationship with one of his raptors, a female named Blue.

In the movie, Owen is tasked with training Blue and her siblings Charlie, Delta, and Echo to obey commands and interact with humans. He has developed a bond with Blue and sees her as more than just a dangerous animal. Owen believes that the raptors can be trained and that they have the potential to be loyal companions.

However, when the genetically modified Indominus Rex escapes its enclosure and begins wreaking havoc on the island, Owen and his team of trained raptors are called upon to hunt it down. During the course of their mission, Owen and Blue’s bond is tested as she is forced to make a choice between her loyalty to Owen and her instinct to protect her pack.

In the end, Blue chooses to help Owen and his team take down the Indominus Rex, demonstrating her loyalty and trust in Owen. The relationship between Owen and Blue is a central theme throughout the movie and is explored further in the sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.


We want to hear from you LEGO Fans so now it’s over to you.

Do you collect LEGO BrickHeadz and if so which ones do you have?

Here at AFG we really like the Star Wars BirckHeadz. The new Ashoka Tano BrickHeadz has become a particular favorite of ours, she just looks great in BrickHeadz form.

Maybe LEGO Technic sets are more your thing?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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