The Cocaine Bear: A Bizarre Tale of Drug-Smuggling and Wildlife Tragedy

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Today in the AFGeek blog we delve into the real-life story of the Cocaine Bear. An extremely bizarre tale of drug smuggling and wildlife tragedy. The story of the Cocaine Bear captured the attention of the media world in the 1980s and involves drug smuggling, a wild black bear, and a tragic end that serves as a cautionary tale for us all. The story begins in September 1985 with a small plane carrying over 70 pounds of cocaine crash-landed in … Read More

Cocaine Bear Funko Pops

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Cocaine Bear Funko Pop! Checklist

Today we bring news on the new Cocaine Bear Funko Pops from the horror/comedy movie Cocaine Bear. These bizarre Cocaine Bear Funko Pops are inspired by the new movie Cocaine Bear with the movie loosely inspired by the crazy and bizarre true story of a wild bear that consumed a bag of cocaine dropped from the sky from an airplane in 1985 with the bear going on a cocaine-fuelled rampage of epic proportions. NB: This new Cocaine Bear Funko Pop! … Read More