Funko CCXP 2022 Checklist, Shopping Guide and Gallery

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Funko CCXP 2022 Checklist, Shopping Guide and Gallery

It’s that time again for the Funko Freddy’s Beach Bash Comic Con Experience (CCXP) 2022 and time for our Funko CCXP 2022 Checklist. This year’s annual event takes place in São Paulo, Brazil on December 1-4 with a whole stack of This year’s CCXP 2022 Funko Pops and Sodas available to event attendees. This new Shopping Guide and Checklist will give you all the Funko News you need on all of this year’s CCXP 2022 Exclusives and more. In this … Read More

Funko Pop Stickers Guide

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Welcome to our Funko Pop Stickers Guide. If you are new to collecting Funko Pops then you are probably wondering what all the different stickers that you find of the Funko boxes mean. In this article, we explain the basics for the most common stickers that are found on Funko Pops. Funko Pop Stickers Explained The Funko Pop Stickers that you see on many Pop vinyls are very important particularly to collectors because they symbolize the importance of a particular … Read More