New My Hero Academia Funko Pops and MHA Keychains

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The My Hero Academia Funko Pop series continues to grow with the release of a host of new Funko Pops and Keychains. Great news if you are a Pop Anime fan and a fan of My Hero Academia. With the fan-favorite anime series now moving into a 6th series, there is now a new wave of MHA Pops and Keychains to purchase and collect that are highly detailed and accurate to the show. My Hero Academia (MHA) is an extremely … Read More

Tokyo Ghoul Funko Pop Checklist

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Tokyo Ghoul Funko Pop List

Welcome to our Funko Pop Tokyo Ghoul Checklist and Buyers Guide. Here you will find all the Pops that Funko has released for the Anime Tokyo Ghoul including all the exclusives, special editions, variants and set info. We love Anime Pops and there have been some really cool Pops produced by Funko. The Dragon Ball series has some really detailed Pops we love the Naruto Pops and we are quite fond of these Tokyo Ghoul Pops as well. The character … Read More

Funko Pop Sword Art Online Checklist And Gallery

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Following on from our Hunter x Hunter checklist we bring you our Funko Pop Sword Art Online checklist. This Sword Art Online Pop series includes our favorite game players, Asuna, Kirito and Leafa Asuna is brought to life in Funko style in her Knights of the Blood, white uniform while Kirito is in his signature black and silver coat and matching boots. Both common and Hot Topic Exclusives can be found for both these SAO characters. There is also a … Read More