Star Wars Holiday Snowman Funko Pops

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The Festival of Fun releases continues to get us ready for the Holiday Season with these very cool Star Wars Holiday Snowman Funko Pops. Here is everything that you need to know about these cool Funko collectibles. I never get tired of the Christmas period, I just love it but it is over too quickly. And this year’s festivities are fast approaching. To get us in the mood and to help us part with our money Funko has released a … Read More

Coca Cola Holiday Season Funko Pops

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coca cola santa and polar bear funko pops

The Holiday Season is fast approaching and in preparation, Funko is releasing new Coca Cola Holiday Season Santa Funko Pops and Polar Bear Funko Pops as part of its Festival of Fun series. We have a game in our house that starts in December every year. The premise of the game is very simple, you have to be the first household member to shout “Holidays are coming” at the TV screen when the Coca Cola ad runs. You know the … Read More

Best Christmas Funko Pops for the Holiday Season

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Holiday Season - Christmas Christmas Funko Pops

Is it too soon to be talking about Christmas Funko Pops? Maybe, if you are reading this in August, but Christmas has a habit of creeping up on you so here are the best Christmas Funko Pops and the best online retailer for Funko Pops… Santa’s Coming!!! Christmas is big news here at AFG because it means that 1/ we have a reason to treat ourselves and 2/ we know we will get a bunch of new Pops as presents. … Read More