Big Mouth Funko Pops

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Big Mouth Funko Pops

Last Updated on January 3, 2023 by Dexter Roona

Today we bring you news on the Big Mouth Funko Pops from the Netflix Series Big Mouth. We have all the news and info on these cool Netflix Funko and the best online retailers to buy them from

The awkward tweens of the Big Mouth Netflix series come to the land of Funko. This new series includes figures of Nick, Andrew, and the Hormone monsters.


Big Mouth Funko Pops – Checklist

  • 682 Andrew
  • 683 Nick
  • 684 Hormone Monster
  • 685 Hormone Monstress

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Big Mouth Funko Pops – Shopping Guide and Gallery

The Netflix series Big Mouth follows the trials and tribulations of a group of seventh-graders including Andrew Glouberman and Nick Birch as they suffer they navigate the highs and lows of puberty.


682 Andrew Glouberman Big Mouth Funko Pop

Andrew Glouberman lives in the New York suburbs. He is a seventh grader attending Bridgeton Middle School. His best friend is Nick Birch.

Product image 682 Andrew Glouberman Big Mouth Funko Pop

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683 Nick Birch Funko Pop

Nick Birch is a prepubescent boy living in the suburbs of New York City. He attends Bridgeton Middle School and his best friend is Andrew Glouberman.

Product image 683 Nick Birch Funko Pop

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684 Hormone Monster

The Hormone Monster represents male puberty. He helps the teenage boys of Bridgeton Middle School to navigate their way through the trials of puberty.

Product image 684 Hormone Monster

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685 Hormone Monstress

Hormone Monstress is the female hormone monster. She aids the girl to navigate puberty in the Netflix series Big Mouth.

Product image 685 Hormone Monstress

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Are you a Big Mouth Funko Pop fan?

Which other Funko Pops do you like?

I am a huge fan of the Jack Skellington in Pink Outfit Funko Pop and the Ted Lasso Funko Pops are awesome as well. The Bella Poarch Build a Babe Album Pop is also pretty cool as well.

But that is what I like. What do you like?

Let me know in the comments below.



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