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Today we bring news on an exciting new One Piece Funko Pop with the new Caesar Clown Funko Pop! We have all the information on this new anime Pop Vinyl including the best online retailers to buy him from.

One Piece is one great anime series and there are a ton of very cool One Piece Funko Pops but I am sure fans would agree that there is always room for more and one such character is about to be added to the One Piece Funko Pop! family is none other than the infamous Caesar Clown. 

Caesar the Clown is a former scientist at the infamous organization called “Donquixote Pirates” and a main One Piece character during the Punk Hazard Arc of the series. He is one bad guy known for his wicked, cruel, and sadistic personality. He is also a master in chemical weapons and artificial devil fruits.

Let’s take a look at the new One Piece Caesar Clown Funko Pop

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New Caesar One Piece Funko Pop! Caesar the Clown

The Clown Prince: Caesar’s One Piece Funko Pop!

During the Punk Hazard arc, Caesar the Clown was responsible for the creation of Smiley, a toxic gas weapon that was capable of destroying an entire island if unleashed. He is also known to have conducted unethical experiments on children. These experiments transformed the children into artificial devil fruit users known as “Numa Numa no Mi”.

Caesar was a very bad guy to come up against but he proved to be no match for the Straw Hat Pirates who defeated him. He was subsequently arrested by the Marines for his crimes.

He was later released from prison by Capone Bege in the “Whole Cake Island Arc” to help with the assassination of Big Mom, but in true bad guy form betrayed Bege and joined with Big Mom.

His conduct in the anime series makes him a great addition to the One Piece Funko Pop! Series.

Caesar One Piece Funko Pop! Caesar the Clown

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Unmasking Caesar Clown – The Enigmatic Scientist of One Piece

5 Lesser Known Facts about Caesar Clown’s Impact on One Piece

  1. Scientific Genius: Beyond his devil fruit powers, Caesar Clown is an accomplished scientist in the world of One Piece. He’s known for his expertise in chemical and weapon development, particularly in the field of gas-based weaponry.
  2. Former Marine Scientist: Before his expulsion from the Marines, Caesar Clown was employed as a scientist. His tenure in the Marines gave him access to resources and knowledge that he would later utilize for his nefarious purposes.
  3. Inspired by Real Science: Oda, the creator of One Piece, has stated that Caesar Clown’s character is inspired by real-world scientists. His name and some aspects of his personality are derived from the historical figure Julius Caesar and the scientist Marie Curie, known for her pioneering research on radioactivity.
  4. Infamous Reputation: Caesar Clown is notorious for his cruel and unethical experiments conducted on both humans and animals. His reputation as a mad scientist is widely feared throughout the One Piece world, earning him the epithet “Master of Gas.”
  5. Alliance with Doflamingo: Caesar Clown formed an alliance with Donquixote Doflamingo, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, to further his own goals. This partnership allowed him access to resources and protection in exchange for his scientific expertise, contributing to the chaos and conflicts in the One Piece world.

Unmasking Caesar Clown - The Enigmatic Scientist of One Piece


Will you be buying the new Caesar One Piece Funko Pop?

Are there other One Piece characters that you would like to see as One Piece Funko Pops?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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