From Season 2 Ending Explained – Is there a From Season 3?

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From Season 2 Ending Explained - From Season 3

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Today we are talking about the From Season 2 ending and what it means for Season 3 and if there is even going to be a From Season 3. Please note this article contains huge spoilers for the From Season 2 Finale.

From Season 2 Ending Explained: Unveiling Mysteries and Setting the Stage for Season 3

The season 2 finale of From served up fans a gripping conclusion that shed a little light on several thought-provoking aspects of the central town and left viewers on a cliffhanger that promises significant implications for the show’s future.

In this article, we take a deep dive into the details of the finale, explain the ending, and talk about some of the key plot points and the fate of the surviving characters.


Don’t Fall Asleep

The From season 2 finale “Once Upon a Time” picks up after the shocking events of episode 9 “Ball of Magic Fire”, with Julie (Hannah Cheramy) Randall, (A.J. Simmons), and Marielle (Kaelen Ohm) trapped in a coma-like sleep state, where they are seemingly subjected to torture by unseen entities.

Meanwhile, Tabitha (Catalina Sandino Moreno) and Jade (David Alpay) venture into the perilous forest, looking for answers regarding the mysterious children and symbols appearing in their visions, and Boyd (Harold Perrineau) races against time to stop the music box melody, while various characters’ storylines converge to a head culminating in episode 10, titled “Once Upon a Time…”.


Tabitha… in Hospital!!!

In a surprising twist, Tabitha manages to return home successfully after her visit to the tower/lighthouse. Upon reaching the top of the lighthouse tower, she encounters the Boy in White, who apologizes before pushing her through a glass window. Tabitha wakes up in a hospital outside the town, confirming a possible escape route for residents.

However, these events now create a complex journey for Tabitha if she is to reunite with her trapped family in the town. It remains unclear if Tabitha’s fall from the lighthouse means she is dead in the town but safe outside. Regardless of the answer, this new development indicates that the residents of From can find their way back home.

Tabitha waking up from a coma could be seen as a confirmation of the show’s bizarre theories about the characters in the town actually being in comas after being involved in vehicle crashes. However, this possibility seems unlikely, as it is explained that Tabitha was found alone on a hiking trail without her family or the RV nearby.

Consequently, Tabitha’s fall from the lighthouse appears to be what sent her home, with the scratches on her face resulting from the broken window glass leading to the coma theory losing ground, suggesting that the characters are physically present but trapped within the town’s supernatural realm.


The Tower/Lighthouse as a Portal Home

In episode 8 of From, we learn that Victors (Scott McCord) mother went to the lighthouse in search of a way home. It seems Victor’s mother did not succeed. She was drawn there by the children, who appear to be aware of the lighthouse’s function as a portal to the outside world.

The Boy in White, serving as the enigmatic leader guiding the trapped residents to safety, may have pushed Tabitha and Victor’s mom because of their motherly instincts. As Tabitha saw visions of the children and the lighthouse throughout season 2, she might be the best candidate to return home and seek help to save the remaining trapped residents.


The Bottle Tree

The Bottle Tree, introduced at the end of season 1, makes a return in the season 2 finale.

Victor reveals that it is a special tree with a specific purpose.

Instead of transporting people randomly, it acts as a conduit specifically taking people to the lighthouse. The exact function of the lighthouse in “Fromville” remains unclear, as the community is unable to see it from the town. However, it does so far seem to be the only connection to the outside world.

The bottles hanging from the tree contain messages, potentially from those trapped inside the town or intended for the outside world.


Jade’s vision of the symbol and the children

The connection between the symbol, the children in Tabitha’s visions, and Jade’s experience in the tunnels remains a central mystery in the show.

Jade encounters the symbol made of giant tree roots in a cave, accompanied by the children pointing up to the sky and repeating the word “anghkooey.” However, when he looks back, the symbol and the children both disappear. This suggests that the symbol may have some ritualistic significance, potentially connected to the light that shines down on the rocks and projects the symbol. The presence of the deformed children implies a dark history of experiments or rituals related to the forest, the lighthouse, and the symbol.


The Music Box

Another significant revelation comes through Boyd’s encounter with his late wife Abby. She warns him that destroying the music box believed to be the key to ending the suffering of Julie, Randall and Marielle, will only delay their torment.

Abby (Lisa Ryder) reveals that “It” knows Boyd won’t listen because he has hope, which is what “feeds the forest.” This implies that the characters’ enduring hope is what strengthens the town’s supernatural forces and perpetuates their ongoing suffering.

Despite this warning, Boyd chooses to destroy the music box, ultimately freeing Julie, Randall, and Marielle from their trance-like states.

This act of redemption and embracing hope suggests that hope may also be the key to freeing the characters from the town’s sinister grip.


Unresolved Questions and will there be a From Season 3?

The From season 2 finale leaves several unresolved questions, setting the stage for a potential third season.

Tabitha’s fate hangs in the balance as she awakens outside the town but remains determined to find her family and bring them home. The upcoming season will likely explore other methods of killing the monsters, delve into Victor’s past as a child, reveal the fate of Fatima’s baby, unravel the true meaning of the symbol, and shed light on the identity and significance of the children in Tabitha and Jade’s visions.

While the confirmation of From Season 3 is yet to be announced by MGM Plus, the show’s growing popularity and the unanswered mysteries suggest that a continuation is highly anticipated at least for one more season.

The From Season 2 Ending with Tabitha’s unresolved storyline does indicate a clear setup for the next season, as she embarks on a quest to find the town and rescue her family.

As fans eagerly await the return of From, they hope to uncover the secrets surrounding the symbol, the children, and the ultimate fate of the characters trapped within the town’s supernatural realm.

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From Season 2 Ending Explained - From Season 3?

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