NEW My Hero Academia Juzo Honenuki Funko Pop Hot Topic Exclusive

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The My Hero Academia Pop series has been updated with this new My Hero Academia – Juzo Honenuki Funko Pop Class 1-B Hot Topic Exclusive. Here is everything you need to know about this new MHA Funko Pop.

This new My Hero Academia Juzo Honenuki Hot Topic Exclusive Funko captures Juzo in his full hero costume, mask, and white gloves.

Juzo Honenuki, (hero name Mudman) is one of the most influential students in Class 1-B. With his quirk, he can soften anything non-living that he touches with the ability to control its texture and form.

He can change how the ground feels, making it seem like you are running on sand or treading water. This aids him in stalling his opponent’s progress.  An aggressor’s body armor is no barrier as Juzo can just soften it and easily break through. He also has the ability to move faster through any softened material.

He has superior combat intellect and is a highly dangerous threat to anyone who gets on his wrong side.


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My Hero Academia – Juzo Honenuki Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pop

Juzo Honenuki is a very cool addition to the My Hero Academia Funko Pops that have already been produced in the Animation/Anime Funko Pop category.

We really are big fans of the many anime Funkos that you can buy. Many of the best Pops produced have come from anime series.

Funko Product image - My Hero Academia - Juzo Honenuki Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pop

My Hero Academia – Juzo Honenuki Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pop

You can buy the Juzo Honenuki Class 1-B Funko Pop  Hot Topic Exclusive on the links below:

Buy from eBay


Other online retailers:

Entertainment Earth


Pop in a Box


Juzo is very much a secondary character in MHA. The show’s focus leans towards the UA Class 1-A characters but there are still lots of cool, charismatic characters in Class 1-B and it is great to see Funko acknowledging this and developing cool Pops from 1-B.


Are you a My Hero Academia fan?

Have you purchased any MHA Pops?

Are there any other MHA Class 1-B characters that you would like to see developed into Pops?

Which other anime series Pops do you collect?

Do you own any Demon Slayer Pops or any of the cool Hunter X Hunter Pop Vinyls?

We can’t wait to get our hands on the New Cowboy Bebop Pops.

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