Return of the Kingpin – Spider-Man Marvel Legends Series Unveils Wilson Fisk’s Comeback!

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Return of the Kingpin - Spider-Man Marvel Legends Series Unveils Wilson Fisk's Comeback!

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Wilson Fisk is back in action figure form with this all-new Kingpin – Spider-Man Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Action Figure. We have all the collector news on this awesome new Marvel collectible including the best online retailer to buy him from.

Wilson Fisk, commonly known as the Kingpin, stands as one of Marvel Comics’ most iconic and formidable villains. First appearing in “The Amazing Spider-Man” #50 in 1967, he quickly cemented himself as a prominent adversary not only for Spider-Man and Hells Kitchens Daredevil but for the entire Marvel Universe.

With his massive physical size matched only by his immense wealth and influence, Fisk rules over the criminal underworld of New York City with an iron fist and he is sure to reign over your Marvel action figure display when you add the new Kingpin – Spider-Man Marvel Legends figure to your collection.

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Return of the Kingpin – Spider-Man Marvel Legends Series Unveils Wilson Fisk’s Comeback!

Despite lacking superhuman abilities, the Kingpin possesses unparalleled strength, agility, and combat prowess, making him a formidable adversary for even the most powerful heroes.

His strategic brilliance and ruthless nature have earned him the reputation as one of the most dangerous individuals in the Marvel Universe.

Fisk’s complex character. He has a deep love for his wife Vanessa and his dedicated to his criminal empire. While he is primarily associated with Spider-Man, the Kingpin’s reach extends far beyond, frequently crossing paths with Daredevil, Punisher, and other Marvel heroes.

His enduring presence and impact make him an integral part of Marvel Comics lore, forever etching his name in the annals of villainy.

Return of the Kingpin - Spider-Man Marvel Legends Series Unveils Wilson Fisk's Comeback!

Kingpin’s return brings Marvel Legends fans an all-new comic-book-inspired design featuring Fisk in his infamous white suit jacket, dark trousers and black shoes, accompanied by his ornate gold walking stick.

Marvel Legends Series Kingpin Figure Accessories

Kingpin’s accessories include an alternate head and his walking stick.

The figure is highly articulated and 6-inch scale and is sure to stand tall above your collection.

Shopping Guide

This Kingpin Marvel Legends Action Figure is available from the following online retailers:

Entertainment Earth

(Free postage on all orders over $79.99 and a further 10% discount on all Instock items purchased via ActionFigureGeek)

eBay and eBay UK

Amazon and Amazon UK

Kingpin: Beyond the Villainy – 5 Fascinating Facts from Marvel Comics

  1. Childhood Trauma: Despite his imposing presence, Kingpin’s origins are rooted in tragedy. Born Wilson Grant Fisk, he endured a childhood filled with abuse and bullying due to his overweight and clumsy nature. These early experiences shaped his ruthless demeanour and desire for power.
  2. Art Aficionado: Beyond his criminal enterprises, Kingpin possesses a deep appreciation for art and culture and the best things in life. He often collects rare and valuable artworks, showcasing a more refined aspect of his character amidst his criminal activities.
  3. Legal Genius: While primarily known for his brute strength and criminal empire, Kingpin is also a master manipulator of the legal system. He has extensive paid-for connections in law enforcement and politics, allowing him to evade justice and maintain his grip on power.
  4. Family Man: Despite his reputation as a ruthless villain, Kingpin deeply cares for his wife Vanessa Fisk. Their relationship is complex, marked by moments of genuine affection and devotion amidst the chaos of his criminal life.
  5. Brief Heroic Stint: In some storylines, Kingpin has briefly allied himself with heroes or even taken on a more heroic role himself. These instances are often marked by pragmatic alliances or attempts to protect his interests against greater threats to New York City. However, his villainous nature typically resurfaces in the end, reaffirming his status as one of Marvel’s most enduring and feared villains.


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