Savage Heir – Marvel Legends Unleashes Skaar, Son of Hulk!

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Savage Heir - Marvel Legends Unleashes Skaar, Son of Hulk!

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Today we bring news on one of Hulk’s closest action figure relatives, with the new Marvel Legends Skaar, Son of Hulk Action Figure. We have all the news on this new 85 Years Deluxe action figure including the best online retailers to buy him from.


Skaar, Son of Hulk! Article Summary

  • Marvel unveils the Marvel Legends Skaar, Son of Hulk Action Figure, marking its 85th anniversary.
  • Skaar, son of the Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong, epitomizes strength and redemption in his tumultuous journey.
  • Standing 8 inches tall with intricate detailing, the figure includes comics-inspired accessories for immersive play.
  • Skaar’s transformative narrative within the Marvel Universe and lesser-known facts

In Marvel Comics, Skaar, Son of Hulk, is a character shrouded in a complex legacy of rage, power, and the struggle for identity. He was born on the violent planet Sakaar, and is the son of the Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong.

His origin story is steeped in tragedy, as his mother died during the destruction of Sakaar, leaving him orphaned in a world torn by conflict.

Skaar inherited his father’s incredible strength and durability, along with his mother’s Oldstrong abilities.

These powers, coupled with his own ferocious determination, make Skaar a force to be reckoned with in the Marvel Universe.

Now he joins the Marvel Legends action figure family as part of Marvel’s ongoing 85 Year Anniversary

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Savage Heir – Marvel Legends Unleashes Skaar, Son of Hulk!

The new Marvel Legends Skaar Son of Hulk action figure is a Fan Channel Exclusive and is meticulously designed to look and feel like Skaar’s appearance in Marvel’s Skaar: Son of Hulk comics.

This all-new version of Skaar is quite an imposing action figure coming in at 8 inches tall and features much welcomed extensive articulation making him highly poseable.

Deluxe Skaar figure comes with 5 comics-inspired accessories, an alternate head, alternate hands, and weapons.

Savage Heir - Marvel Legends Unleashes Skaar, Son of Hulk!

Shopping Guide

This Marvel Legends Superior Spider-Man 85th Anniversary Comics 6-Inch Action Figure available from the following online retailers:

Entertainment Earth

(Free postage on all orders over $79.99 and a further 10% discount on all Instock items purchased via ActionFigureGeek)

Amazon and Amazon UK

eBay and eBay UK

Shadows of the Past: Skaar’s Quest for Identity

Skaar’s journey within the Marvel Universe is one of self-discovery and redemption.

He was initially driven by a desire for revenge against his father, whom he blamed for the destruction of his world and the death of his mother. But as he journeys across different realms he begins to question his purpose and his place in the universe. He grapples with the legacy of his parents, struggling to define himself outside of their shadows.

Despite his tumultuous upbringing and his tendency towards aggression, Skaar possesses a sense of honor and a desire to protect those he cares about. Along the way, he forms some very unlikely alliances and forges bonds with other heroes, who help him to gradually learn to harness his powers for the greater good.

Skaar’s journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of redemption.

As he continues to carve his own path in the Marvel Universe, Skaar stands as a symbol of strength, determination, and the enduring quest for identity and purpose.


Skaar Unearthed: Revealing 3 Lesser-Known Truths

  1. Hybrid Heritage: While Skaar is primarily known as the son of the Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong, he also possesses some DNA from his grandfather, the legendary monster called the Old Power. This unique genetic mix contributes to Skaar’s immense power and resilience, setting him apart from other characters in the Marvel Universe.
  2. Leadership Role: In addition to his solo adventures, Skaar has also taken on leadership responsibilities within the Marvel Universe. At one point, he becomes the Warlord of Sakaar, leading its people in a struggle for survival. This showcases his ability to inspire and lead others, despite his tumultuous upbringing and struggles with his own identity.
  3. Connection to the Warbound: Skaar has strong ties to the Warbound, a group of powerful beings who were once allies of the Hulk during his time on Sakaar. Skaar joins the Warbound and fights alongside them in various conflicts, forming deep bonds with its members. This association highlights Skaar’s connection to his father’s legacy and his willingness to stand by those who share his ideals of honour and loyalty.

Marvel Legends 85th Anniversary Figure Lineup Revealed

The latest Hasbro Pulse reveal has given us the following figures to hunt down!


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