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1560 Spider-Man: Web-Man Funko Pop! Entertainment Earth Exclusive

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There is a new Spider-Man: Web-Man Funko Pop! Entertainment Earth Exclusive to talk about today. We have all the news on this new Marvel Funko Pop!, the background of the character, and our recommended online retailers to buy him from.

Web-Man is quite a complex character to dig down into.

In the alternate reality of Earth-57780, Web-Man, and Doctor Doom are connected.

In the “What If? Infinity – Thanos” comic, Doctor Doom recruits Web-Man, along with other villains such as Sandman and the Lizard, to aid him in his plan to take control of the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos. Doom convinces Web-Man to join his cause by promising him a cut of the power that would come with wielding the Gauntlet.

However, in the end, Web-Man and the other villains betray Doom and attempt to take the Gauntlet for themselves. They are ultimately defeated by a group of heroes led by Spider-Man.

In the “What If? Spider-Man: The Other” comic, Doctor Doom is not directly involved with Web-Man, but he does play a role in the story. In this reality, after gaining his powers, William Nguyen is approached by Doom and offered a chance to become a member of the villainous group known as the Masters of Evil. Nguyen refuses and instead decides to use his powers for his own selfish gain.

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So, while Doctor Doom and Web-Man have had some interactions in Earth-57780, they have not been depicted as close allies or enemies. Rather, their paths have crossed as part of larger conflicts involving other characters and groups.


The Amazing Spider-Man” issue #149

Web-Man is also seen in “The Amazing Spider-Man” issue #149, where Spider-Man is investigating a series of kidnappings that have been linked to his old foe, the Jackal.

Spider-Man eventually tracks down the Jackal but is quickly captured and placed in the Twinning Machine.

The Twinning Machine is a device that the Jackal has developed to create perfect clones of living beings.

With Spider-Man as his test subject, Jackal creates a duplicate of Spider-Man, which he names Web-Man.

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1560 Spider-Man: Web-Man Funko Pop! Entertainment Earth Exclusive

This new Spider-Man: Web-Man Funko Pop! Entertainment Earth Exclusive is a very cool Pop! and is sure to be extremely popular with Funko fans.

Overseas buyers might want to wait for a Funko Special Edition to be released for this all-new version of Spider-Man.

With the Spider-Man: Web-Man Funko Pop! the Spidey suit colors are reversed.

His chest and mask are blue instead of red, his legs are red instead of blue and his boot section is blue instead of the typical Spider-Man red.

1560 Spider-Man: Web-Man Funko Pop! Entertainment Earth Exclusive

Spider-Man: Web-Man Funko Pop!

Shopping Guide

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Spider-Man Web-Man Pop! Vinyl Figure #1560 - Entertainment Earth Exclusive

The Amazing Spider-Man” issue #149 Continued

In “The Amazing Spider-Man” issue #149 Web-Man at first believes that he is the real Spider-Man, but eventually, he realizes that he is a clone.

He becomes angry and confused, and turns against the Jackal, helping Spider-Man to defeat him.

During the battle, the Web-Man is injured and begins to rapidly age. Spider-Man tries to save him, but it is too late – the Web-Man dies in his arms.

Spider-Man is left to contemplate the ethical implications of cloning and the potential consequences of using technology to create life.

The Clone Saga storyline continued in later issues of “The Amazing Spider-Man,” as well as in other Spider-Man comics.

It explored the idea of cloning in greater depth and introduced new characters like the Scarlet Spider, who was also a clone of Spider-Man.

The Clone Saga has become a significant part of Spider-Man’s history and has been revisited and expanded upon in various comics and media adaptations over the years.

And on a final note, this new Spider-Man: Web-Man Funko Pop! is one of my favorite Spider-Man Funko Pops to recently be released.

Product image Spider-Man Web-Man Pop! Vinyl Figure #1560 - Entertainment Earth Exclusive



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