Gremlins: Gizmo and Stripe Blacklight Funko Pops!

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Gizmo and Stripe Blacklight Funko Pops!

We bring news on the new Gremlins: Gizmo and Stripe Blacklight Funko Pops! We have all the news on these cool new Pops and the best online retailers to buy them from. The latest additions to the Gremlins Funko Pop! list, have arrived with these new Gizmo, and Stripe Blacklight Funko Pops. These vibrant and eye-catching Funkos are a must-have for any Gremlins or pop culture fan. With their mesmerizing blacklight effect, these Pops bring a whole new level of … Read More

Gremlins Movie Poster Funko Pop

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01 Gremlins VHS Cover Funko Pop Gizmo Walmart Exclusive - Festival of Fun

We continue the Festival of Fun Funko Pop posts with our Gremlins Movie Poster Funko Pop Walmart Exclusive. As a kid, I used to go every weekend to Blockbuster Video to select a new release for the Saturday night viewing. One such rental was Gremlins. All the big movies would have their own section of the store with 50 or so copies to retent, depending on how big the movie was. Each Movie Poster Pop comes in a hard display … Read More

Gremlins Funko Pop Figures Checklist

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Do you remember the three simple rules when buying a Mogwai? Well, they also apply when buying any of these cool Pops from our Gremlins Funko Pop Figures Checklist. In 1984, Joe Dante gave us the movie Gremlins where we were introduced to the cute, furry Mogwai. There are 3 simple rules to be followed if you own a Mogwai: 1/ Keep your Mogwai out of direct light 2/ Do not get it wet 3/ NEVER feed your Mogwai after … Read More