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We return to the squared circle with news on the new Funko Pop! WWE – Big Boss Man Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure available as GameStop Exclusive and as a Funko Special Edition.

This new Big Boss Man Funko Pop! is sure to make WWE fans jump back in time to the golden era of  WWE wrestling.

The Big Boss Man is a fan favourite from the world of WWE figure from the WWE universe, Big Boss Man and brilliantly captures the raw enery of the WWE lawman in his correction officer’s uniform, holding his famous nightstick, and wearing his unmistakable shades.

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WWE – Big Boss Man Funko Pop! GameStop Exclusive and Funko Special Edition 

WWE Funko Fans have reason to celebrate with the release of this new Big Boss Man Funko Pop! vinyl figure available as a GameStop Exclusive and Funko Special Edition.

Big Boss Man Funko Pop

Shopping Guide

The WWE Big Boss Man Funko Pop is available at the following online retailers.

Amazon and Amazon.co.uk

eBay and eBay UK

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Wrestling Legend – The Big Boss Man

The Big Boss Man, portrayed by the late Ray Traylor, is a WWE legend thats stands shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker.

Despite Boss Mans untimely death at just 41 years his impact still resonates today, creating a ripple effect that can still be felt in every corner of the wrestling world.

The Big Boss Man made his debut in the 1980s and quickly became a captivating figure in the squared circle.

The former corrections officer found a wrestling character that was a natural fit, and with it, he cemented his position in the WWE (formally the WWF) in 1988.

The Big Boss Man was no stranger to the upper echelons of the wrestling world, often contending for the WWE Championship against the likes of Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage but despite his towering presence and unmatched grit and determination the coveted World Championship title eluded him.

But the Boss Mans legacy wasn’t dependent on winning titles but on the integral role he held in shaping WWE wrestling landscape.

In a universe buily on glitz, glamor, and grudges, Big Boss Man stood out with his riveting storylines and absorbing feuds.

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