DC Multiverse Batrocitus Action Figure – Dark Knights: Death Metal

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The DC Multiverse action figures continue to drop with the latest being the DC Multiverse Batrocitus Action Figure – Dark Knights: Death Metal. Here is all you need to know about this new DC action figure and the best online retailers where you can pick him up.

Batrocitus is a Dark Multiverse creature in a world where Batman has acquired the power of the Red Lantern ring.

This rage-consuming ring turns the user into a daily force, and this Dark Multiverse Batman has joined “The Batman Who Laughs” in taking down the main DC Comics world.

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DC Multiverse Batrocitus Action Figure – Dark Knights: Death Metal

Batrocitus features a Red Lantern accessory, swappable hands, and a new Red Lantern design with an eerie head sculpt.
Batrocitus is showcased in his costume from the Dark Nights: Death Metal comic book series.

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This cool collectible has been designed with Ultra Articulation which basically means he is super poseable. The collectible art card that comes with this 7-inch scale figure features Batrocitus on the front and his bio on the back. This new Batrocitus action figure is aimed at the 12+ age range but his pricing really puts him more in the adult collector age range.

Batrocitus comes with:

  • Red Lantern
  • Alternate hands
  • Display base
  • Collectible art card


As you can see from the images of the figure Batricitus is an immensely evil amalgamation of Batman and the supervillain Atrocitus from the Dark Multiverse. He joined forces with The Batman Who Laughs’ team of Dark Knights in their attack on Earth-0.

Batricitus was assigned to guard New Apokolips, a dark hellish world where the majority of Earth’s remaining Superheroes are imprisoned. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn crash land on New Apokolips. Their plan is to free the imprisoned Superheroes. Batrocitus and the Dark Knights go to investigate. They find the undead zombie gunslinger Jonah Hex detonating explosives.


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Which other DC figures do you like? We think the DC Black Adam Movie Megafig Action Figures – Atom Smasher – Sabbac are very cool and also the Bane DC Multiverse Megafig would also be a great buy.

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