Eren and Zeke Jaeger Funko Pop! Moment

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1460 Eren and Zeke Jaeger Funko Pop! Moment

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Today we bring news on another awesome Attack On Titan Funko Pop! Moment with the release of the Eren and Zeke Jaeger Funko Pop! Moment. We have all the news on this new release and the best online retailers to buy it from.

This cool 1460 Erin and Zeke AOT Funko Pop collectible encapsulates the brotherly battle of Eren and Zeke Jaeger from the Attack on Titan anime final series.

It captures a significant moment between the brothers and dealing with their relationship, a relationship that suffers fragmented brotherly love and treachery.

Released as a new Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pop! with a Funko Special Edition for overseas collectors

NB: This Eren and Zeke Jaeger Funko Pop! Moment article contains product affiliate links.

1460 Eren and Zeke Jaeger Funko Pop! Moment

This very cool 1460 Eren and Zeke Funko Pop! Moment is released as a Hot Topic Exclusive and Special Edition.

1460 Eren and Zeke Jaeger Funko Pop! Moment

Eren and Zeke Jaeger Funko Pop! Moment

Shopping Guide

You can buy the Eren and Zeke Jaeger Funko Pop! Moment at the following recommended online retailers:

Entertainment Earth

Amazon and Amazon UK

eBay and eBay UK

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Exploring the Complex Characters of Eren and Zeke Jaeger in ‘Attack on Titan

Eren and Zeke Jaeger are pivotal characters in the popular manga and anime series “Attack on Titan,” created by Hajime Isayama.

These two brothers play significant roles in the complex and morally challenging series. With them both exploring themes of freedom, identity, and the consequences of one’s actions.

Eren Jaeger begins his story as a young member of the Scout Regiment, driven by a burning desire for freedom and a strong sense of justice.

Over the course of the series, Eren’s character undergoes a dramatic transformation. He transitions from a naive and idealistic young man to a more morally ambiguous and radical figure.

This evolution is partly influenced by the revelations he uncovers about his family and the truth of the world beyond the Walls.

Zeke Jaeger, Eren’s older half-brother, is introduced to AOT fans as the Beast Titan and a key figure within the Marleyan military.

Zeke believes in a harsh but strategic approach to achieving Eldian freedom. His actions are guided by his traumatic past and a desire to end the cycle of suffering caused by the Titans.

The relationship between Eren and Zeke is a central element of the story, marked by conflict and tension. Their differing ideologies and the secrets surrounding their family make for a compelling dynamic with their alliance playing a crucial role in the overarching plot of the series.

Eren and Zeke Jaeger’s characters are multifaceted. Their complex journey in “Attack on Titan” serves as a reflection of the series’ overall exploration of the blurred lines between good and evil, as well as the consequences of one’s choices in the pursuit of freedom.

Their evolution and interactions are central to the moral dilemmas and philosophical questions raised throughout the series and they look dam good as Attack on Titan Funko Pops.

NEW Eren and Zeke Jaeger Funko Pop! Moment - Attack on Titan

NEW Eren and Zeke Jaeger Funko Pop! Moment – Attack on Titan


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