NEW Attack on Titan – Porco Galliard Funko Pop! Exclusive

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The Attack on Titan Funko Pop! list continues to grow as we bring news on the new Attack on Titan – Porco Galliard Funko Pop! Funko Shop Exclusive. We have all the news on this very cool new anime Funko Pop! and the best online retailers to buy it from.

As humanity teeters on the very brink of annihilation, there is no better companion to have by your side than Porco Galliard, the formidable Jaw Titan.

As the name suggests Jaw Titan, possesses immense biting and crushing strength within its jaws and claws, which prove extremely effective against both Titans and man-made structures.

Porco Galliard, an Eldian and the younger brother of Marcel Galliard. Porco was one of Marley’s Warriors and inherited the Jaw Titan from Ymir.


New Attack on Titan – Porco Galliard Funko Pop! Funko Shop Exclusive

This new AOT Porco Galliard Funko Pop encapsulates the true essence of Porco, reflecting the unwavering determination in his eyes and his unyielding commitment to safeguarding his loved ones, regardless of the sacrifices involved.

Funko gives us an exceptional sculpt of the character with great detailing making a very cool AOT Pop for fans and collectors. His battle scars tell the tales of past conflicts, while the cog-like jaw, synonymous with Porco’s devastating might, serves as a striking symbol of his crushing power.

This Porco Galliard Funko Pop! serves as a poignant reminder of the monumental struggles endured, the hardships overcome, and the indomitable courage displayed by this resolute warrior.

New Attack on Titan – Porco Galliard Funko Pop! Funko Shop Exclusive

New Attack on Titan – Porco Galliard Funko Pop! Funko Shop Exclusive

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As one of the Eldian Warriors, Galliard underwent rigorous military training to harness and wield the power of the Jaw Titan.

Porco Galliard possesses the formidable ability to transform into a 5-meter Titan known as the Jaw Titan.

In Titan form, Galliard has a distinctly powerful jaw, from which his Titan name is derived. His mouth is uniquely designed to deliver powerful bites with two sets of teeth: an outer layer of hardened teeth that replace traditional lips and an inner set consisting of pointed teeth with hollow spaces between them.

Porco Galliard has exceptional speed and agility, surpassing that of an average Titan. He can cover long distances through agile leaps. His speed allows him to surprise assaults that catch adversaries off guard.  Comparatively, his speed surpassed that of the Jaw Titan predecessor, Ymir.

1402 Porco Galliard Funko Pop!

1402 Porco Galliard Funko Pop!

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