How Are Flocked Funko Pops Made?

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How Are Flocked Funko Pops Made

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Have you ever wondered how Flocked Funko Pops are produced? We delve in deep to explain how Flocked Funko Pops are made.

Flocked Funko Pops have become a highly popular collectible among fans of the Funko Pop vinyl figures. The term “flocked” refers to the process Funko uses for adding a furry layer of fuzzy material to the surface of the Pop figure, creating a unique furry textured appearance.

The flocking process is a popular design feature for animal and creature-themed figures. Flocking often helps to make a figure look more lifelike than the same figure with a smooth vinyl finish.

The popularity of flocked Funko Pops can be attributed to several factors.

Firstly, flocked Pops are unique and usually rarer than standard Funo Pops. The tactile textured surface makes them highly appealing to collectors, who value the attention to detail and quality of the product.

The flocked texture can also add a new dimension to a figure, making it stand out from other Funko Pop figures in a congested collection.

Another factor contributing to the popularity of flocked Funko Pops is their limited availability. They are often sent out as store exclusives or convention specials produced in limited runs, making them highly sought after by collectors.

The scarcity of any Pop! can drive up demand along with the value of the figure, making it even more desirable to fans and collectors.

Overall, the popularity of flocked Funko Pops can be attributed to their unique texture, attention to detail, and limited availability. These factors have made them rare and highly sought-after Funkos by collectors and fans of the Funko Pop brand.

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How Are Flocked Funko Pops Made?

Step 1: Design and Concept

The first step in creating a flocked Funko Pop is to design and conceptualize the figure. This involves deciding on the character or subject of the figure, its pose, and its overall appearance. Once the design has been finalized, the figure is then created using 3D modeling software.


Step 2: Sculpting and Mold-making

Once the 3D model has been created, it is used to create a physical sculpture of the figure. This is usually done by a skilled sculptor using traditional sculpting techniques, although some larger manufacturers may use automated processes such as 3D printing. Once the physical sculpture is complete, it is used to create a mold for the final figure.


Step 3: Production

The actual production of flocked Funko Pops involves several steps. First, the base figure is created using the mold created in the previous step. This involves injecting molten vinyl into the mold, which is then cooled and removed from the mold.

Next, the surface of the figure is prepared. This is done by cleaning and drying the surface to ensure that it is free of any dust or debris that could interfere with the flocking process.

Once the surface is clean, a special adhesive is applied to the figure. This adhesive is designed to create a strong bond between the flocking material and the surface of the figure.


Step 4: Flocking

After the base vinyl figure has been created, the flocking process can begin.

The flocking medium is made from tiny fibers that are electrostatically charged. This creates a fluffy texture that is similar to the fur of an animal when applied to the surface.

The flocking material is usually stored in a hopper or dispenser, which is connected to a spray gun and fired at the surface of the figure.

As the flocking medium is sprayed onto the surface, its electrostatic charge causes the fibers to stand upright, giving the desired textured, flocked appearance.

The finished figures are then allowed to cure and dry with the drying process taking several hours, depending on the thickness of the flocking material applied.

Finally, any excess flocked medium is removed from the surface of the figure by gently brushing or shaking the figure to remove loose fibers.


Step 5: Quality Control and Packaging

The final step in producing Flocked Funko Pops is quality control.

The finished product is carefully inspected to make sure that the flocking material has been applied evenly and that there are no defects or imperfections and that the desired effect has been produced.

Any problems or issues are quickly addressed and corrected.


How Are Flocked Funko Pops Made?

Flocked Funko Pops vinyls have become a popular collectible item among Funko fans thanks to their unique textured finish. Collectors value the quality and craftsmanship of these flocked figures, and their limited availability can drive up demand and the value of the figure.

Overall, flocked Funko Pops represent a unique and highly valued addition to any collector’s Funko Pop collection.


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