Ms. Marvel with hard light power Funko Pop Amazon Exclusive

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The Marvel Pops keep coming and today we bring you the new Kamala Khan – Ms. Marvel with hard light power Funko Pop Amazon Exclusive. The season 1 finale saw Kamala’s family embracing Kamala as Ms. Marvel and even gifting her a new superhero costume. And what about that end credit scene? OMG. That’s all we will say about it. But if you did switch off on the end credits, you might want to just go revisit the ending and watch till the very end ;-).

We have all the news and info on this very cool Ms. Marvel with hard light power Funko Pop Amazon Exclusive and the best places to buy her as she’s not just available at Amazon.

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Ms. Marvel with hard light power Funko Pop Amazon Exclusive

The Disney+ Ms. Marvel series has been a big hit for the streaming giant.

Ms. Marvel features our hero Kamala Khan as the first Marvel heroine from a Muslim background to have her own comic book and Tv Series.

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Product image Ms. Marvel with hard light power Funko Pop Amazon Exclusive

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Kamala is the daughter of immigrants from Pakistan and lives in the USA with her parents and older brother.

She has a strict family, who are always pushing for her to follow their muslin beliefs but sometimes Kamala just wants to be a regular American teenager. She has a nerdy side to her nature that she is rightfully proud of and does not hide for the fact that she is a huge fan of superheroes, with Captain Marvel being her idol.

The origin of Kamala’s powers differs greatly between the comics and the TV series. In the comics, she acquires her powers after being exposed to a Terrigen Bomb. In the Disney series, her powers are awakened by an ornate bracelet.

She will find a magical artifact in the series that will allow energy projections, probably of cosmic origin.

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