New Scream Ghost Face Funko Pops

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Funko Pop! Brings Horror Home with New Ghost Face Figures

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We bring news on the Ghost Face Funko Pops, we have all the info you need including the best online retailers to buy them from.

Funko Pop! Brings Horror Home with New Ghost Face Figures

Funko, renowned for its pop culture collectables, has introduced two exciting new additions to its Scream Ghost Face lineup: the 1607 Ghost Face Funko Pop! and the 1608 Ghost Face Jumbo Funko Pop!

These figures celebrate the iconic slasher villain from the “Scream” franchise, capturing the look and feel of the murderous character in Funko’s signature style.

New Scream Ghost Face Funko Pops

  • 1607 Ghost Face Funko Pop!
  • 1608 Ghost Face Jumbo Funko Pop!

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Double the Terror: Introducing Ghost Face Funko Pop! Figures #1607 and #1608

1607 Ghost Face Funko Pop!

This standard-sized Horror Funko Pop! figure is a must-have for “Scream” enthusiasts.

It features Ghost Face in his classic black hooded robe, in an action pose, ready to chase down his next victim.

The attention to detail in this Horror Pop! is remarkable, from the eerie mask to the folds of his robe.

Standing at approximately 3.75 inches tall, this figure is perfect for collectors who appreciate the horror genre and will fit seamlessly into any Funko Pop! collection, offering a nostalgic nod to one of the most terrifying characters in horror cinema.

1607 Ghost Face Funko Pop!


1608 Ghost Face Jumbo Funko Pop!

For those looking to make a bigger statement, then the Ghost Face Jumbo Funko Pop! is an excellent choice.

This oversized figure stands at a whopping 10 inches tall, magnifying the menacing presence of Ghost Face.

The Jumbo Pop! maintains the same intricate detailing as its smaller counterpart, ensuring that the enlarged features remain true to the character’s chilling aesthetic.

The masked face of the 1608 Jumbo Ghost Face looks great, and the detailing of his robe is awesome but apart from the size there is one big difference with this 10-inch version and that is Ghost Face has a different pose and holds a bloodied dagger.

It’s an eye-catching piece that commands attention and makes for an impressive display item.

1608 Ghost Face Jumbo Funko Pop!


Why are these new Ghost Face Funko Pops not branded as Scream Funko Pops?

It’s simple, it’s a money saving exercise. The Scream license is harder to get and costly While the Ghostface branding from the costumes and masks is easier to aquire and much cheaper.


Shopping Guide:

You can buy the 1607 and 1608 Ghost Face Funko Pops at the following online retailers:

Price Check –  Entertainment Earth

Price Check – Amazon and Amazon UK

Also available from eBay and eBay UK


Ghost Face: The Iconic Villain of the ‘Scream’ Franchise – Character Bio

Ghost Face is the iconic villain of the “Scream” franchise, created by Kevin Williamson and brought to life by director Wes Craven.

First appearing in the 1996 film “Scream,” Ghost Face quickly became a cultural phenomenon, known for his chilling mask and relentless pursuit of victims.

Unlike many horror villains, Ghost Face is not a single person but a mantle taken up by different characters in each instalment, adding a unique twist to the franchise.

The original Ghost Face, Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) and Stu Macher (Matthew Lillard), target Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) and her friends in a spree of murders in the town of Woodsboro.

Motivated by personal vendettas and a twisted sense of entertainment, they set the stage for the series’ blend of horror and meta-commentary on the genre.

The mask, inspired by Edvard Munch’s painting “The Scream,” and the flowing black robe became synonymous with the character’s eerie and unpredictable nature.

New Scream Ghost Face Funko Pops

New Scream Ghost Face Funko Pops

Throughout the “Scream” series, Ghost Face’s identity changes, with each new film introducing fresh killers behind the mask.

This recurring motif keeps the suspense high, as viewers never know who the killer is until the climactic reveal.

The character’s modus operandi includes stalking victims, making threatening phone calls and utilizing horror movie tropes to instil fear, all while maintaining a darkly humorous edge.

Ghost Face’s influence extends way beyond the films into various media, including television, comics, and merchandise with these new Ghost Face Funko Pops being a great example.

The character’s enduring popularity is a testament to his complex, evolving nature and the clever storytelling of the “Scream” franchise.

Ghost Face stands out in the horror genre not just for its iconic look, but for the psychological depth and the ever-present question of “Who’s behind the mask?” that keeps audiences engaged and terrified with each new instalment.


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