Seven Deadly Sins Diane Funko Pop! Jumbo 10-inch Vinyl Figure

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Seven Deadly Sins Diane Funko Pop! Jumbo 10-inch Vinyl Figure

Last Updated on January 8, 2024 by Dexter Roona

Today we bring news on the new Jumbo Seven Deadly Sins Diane Funko Pop! This cool new Funko release stands an impressive 10 inches tall and would make an impressive statement in any anime Funko Pop! collection. We have all the news on this new Sin of Envy Funko Pop! including the best online retailers to buy the Sin of Envy Funko Pop!

The Seven Deadly Sins features a group of powerful knights known as the Seven Deadly Sins with the story taking place ten years after the Holy War.

The series begins with Princess Elizabeth searching for the now-missing Seven Deadly Sins to aid her in her plan to retake her kingdom, which is now ruled by the corrupt tyrannical Holy Knights.

Our heroes have seemingly disbanded, exiled, and are labeled as traitors for wrongly plotting to overthrow the Kingdom of Liones. But the Seven Deadly Sins are rumored to still be alive and wandering the lands of Britannia.

Diane the Serpent’s Sin of Envy represents the covetous sin of envy within the group of legendary warriors known as the Seven Deadly Sins.

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1502 Seven Deadly Sins Diane Funko Pop! Jumbo 10-inch Vinyl Figure

This very nice Diane Funko Pop! matches her formidable presence in the Seven Deadly Sins. She wears her signature orange dress and holds her Sacred Treasure Weapon – Guideon behind her back.

This supersized Funko version of Diane stands approximately 10 inches tall and would be a statement piece in any Funko Pop Collection and is a great addition to the ever-growing Seven Deadly Sins Funko Pop! Checklist.

1502 Seven Deadly Sins Diane Funko Pop! Jumbo 10-inch Vinyl Figure

1502 Seven Deadly Sins Diane Funko Pop! Jumbo 10-inch Vinyl Figure

Shopping Guide

You can buy the Diane 10-inch Jumbo Funko Pop! from the following online retailers:

Entertainment Earth

Amazon and Amazon UK

eBay and eBay UK

Diane’s Envious Legacy of Size and Power

Physically, Diane stands out due to her impressive size and stature, often towering over her companions. But despite her imposing appearance, she is a gentle and compassionate giant, demonstrating a caring nature that belies her role as the Sin of Envy.

Her envy, in this context, manifests as a desire for acceptance and belonging, a theme that adds depth to her character development.

One of Diane’s distinctive features is her proficiency in wielding a giant war hammer, Gideon.

This weapon not only complements her immense strength but also showcases her impressive combat skills, making her a formidable force on the battlefield.

Her earth manipulation abilities further enhance her prowess, allowing her to control the ground and create massive structures during combat.

Diane’s story is marked by personal growth, self-discovery, and overcoming her inner struggles.

Her initial feelings of isolation and yearning for companionship evolve as she forges strong bonds with her fellow Deadly Sins.

Her romantic involvement with King, another member of the group, adds a layer of emotional complexity to her character, contributing to the overall richness of her story arc.

Throughout the Seven Deadly Sins series, Diane faces various challenges and adversaries, showcasing her resilience and determination.

Her loyalty to the Seven Deadly Sins is unwavering, and she proves instrumental in many crucial battles against formidable foes.

During the fan-favorite anime series, Diane’s character also delves into themes of identity, acceptance, and the power of friendship, resonating with audiences who appreciate well-rounded and evolving personalities in their favorite anime characters.

1502 Seven Deadly Sins Diane Funko Pop! Jumbo 10-inch Vinyl Figure

3 Facts about Diane that make her a great Seven Deadly Sins Funko Pop!

1/ Diane is self-conscious about her height and size and she longs to be a normal-sized girl.

She has to suffer being made fun of by knights and other humans for being so large and like other giants she is not treated very kindly. Her size and stature makes her an imposing figure in any Funko collection

2/ Diane wields a Sacred Treasure weapon named Gideon.

Gideon is a large hammer that is almost as big as she is. It has a sharp pick on one end and a flattened hammer on the opposing side.

Diane uses Gideon to assist her in strengthening her power-creation and to aid her in manipulating the Earth to her will.

Who doesn’t like a Pop with great weapons? And Gideon is one mean weapon that adds to the appeal of Diane as a Funko Pop!

3/ She can transform into a normal-sized girl.

Diane wants to be a human-sized girl. Merlin, another member of the Seven Deadly Sins, helps her with this. He discovers that he can shrink Diane down to human size with her magic.

By taking magical pills Diane can shrink down in size for up to seven hours.

This opens the door for Funko to make a regular-size Funko of Diane.


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