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We move away from Funko Pops, LEGO and Action Figures to bring you another geeky passion of ours… retro gaming and introduce you to the new Space Invaders Retro Micro Player by MyArcade.

This is so cool! I am old enough to remember the original Space Invaders video game. Those huge stand-alone fridge freezer size games that you used to find in the amusement parks and arcades.

Original Space Invaders Arcade video game

Space Invaders Arcade Machine

I spent hours and hours and hours playing this game along, posting the high score along with Asteroids, Missile Command, and Defender. But it was Space Invaders that really grabbed my attention and was always my favorite. Later on, these large standing arcade games were modified and made into tabletop games for bars and clubs. They sadly became just tables to stand your drink on.


Atari 2600

The Atari 2600 console was released in 1982 and brought Arcade Gaming to the home. One of the early releases was Space Invaders. I was lucky enough to get the Atari 2600 console, and the Space Invaders, Asteroids, and Missile Command cartridges for Christmas and that year is the year that I recognize as the best year for presents.

Atari Console and Space Invaders Cartridge

Atari 2600 console was released in 1982

I remember playing the console to death, so much so that the on/off switch started to wear out but this turned out to be good news of sorts because the sticky on-off switch when turned on used to generate a bug in the game that allowed you to shoot double on Space Invaders… it gave you a multi fire version of the game.

There are of course now online versions of Space Invaders and all the popular Arcade Games and there have been handheld versions but nothing that could generate a wave of nostalgia for you like the Space Invaders Retro Micro Player can.

I always wanted one of the big Star Wars arcade machines, and I still do. But who has the space for one? Not me…

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But I do have the space for the Space Invaders Retro Micro Player and I want one!

This new Space Invaders Retro Micro Player by My Arcade brings me a massive wave of nostalgia.

Who doesn’t get excited by a miniature playable replica of the original Space Invaders Arcade Game? You can probably tell that I like it.
My Arcade has carefully designed Space Invaders Retro Micro Player to closely replicate the original cabinet Arcade Space Invaders game, including the revolutionary reflected screen and backlit Moonscape, backlit marquee, and coin trap.
The Space Invaders Retro Micro Player can be powered with a Micro-USB cable (not included) or by 4 AA batteries (not included)
The set also has Volume control and a 3.5mm headphone jack option.
This My Arcade Retro Micro Player makes the perfect gift for anyone who played then large arcade games back in the late 70s – 80s.

Would sit nicely in a home office, within a games room, or as part of an existing collection display.

Buy from Entertainment Earth

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Price Check – Amazon

Product image Space Invaders Retro Micro Player by My Arcade

Space Invaders Retro Micro Player by My Arcade

Product Details

  • Dimension -18.29 x 18.29 x 11.94 cm
  • Weight – 589.67 grams
  • Model No – DGUNL-3279
  • ASIN – B0897SHB6P
Space Invaders Retro Micro Player by My Arcade

Space Invaders Retro Micro Player by My Arcade in the packaging


Do you remember Space Invaders? Jump into your spaceship and fend off the waves of attacking enemy invaders before they land and stop the invasion. Space Invaders had a huge impact when it was released in 1978.

It became an instant global phenomenon and is pretty much where gaming as we know it began.


Are you a retro gaming fan?

Which is your favorite game? Is it Space Invaders?

We would love to know so drop us a comment below.



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