The All-New Terrifier Art The Clown Action Figure 1:6 Scale

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The All-New Terrifier Art The Clown action figure

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Prepare to be Terrified as we bring news on The All-New Terrifier Art The Clown Action Figure (1:6 Scale). We have all the info you need on this cool new horror action figure release including the best online retailer to buy him from.

Get Ready to Be Terrified – The All-New Terrifier Art The Clown 1:6 Scale Action Figure

In the realm of horror collectables, there are few characters who capture the imagination and dread of horror fans quite like Art the Clown from the “Terrifier” series.

His menacing grin, that blood-stained clown costume and his terrifying antics have cemented him as an iconic figure in modern horror.

Now, enthusiasts and collectors alike have a reason to celebrate with the release of the all-new Terrifier Art the Clown 1:6 Scale Action Figure by Trick or Treat Studios and this expertly crafted figure promises to be a standout addition to any collection, offering a blend of intricate detail and spine-chilling authenticity.

Get Ready to Be Terrified - The All-New Terrifier Art The Clown 1:6 Scale Action Figure

Step into the Nightmare – The All-New Terrifier Art The Clown Action Figure (Trick or Treat Studios)

This new Art the Clown Trick or Treat Studios action figure from the Terrifier series stands approximately 12 inches tall and is produced with painstaking precision, from his blood-stained hands to the eerie, life-like texture of his skin and horrifying grin.

The figure comes with his tool of terror, his signature saw that fans will instantly recognize. There are also interchangeable hands that help you create no end of gruesome poses making it a must-have for both hardcore fans and serious collectors.

But what really sets this action figure apart from others in the Horror figures niche is its commitment to capturing the essence of Art the Clown’s sinister persona.

The facial sculpting is particularly good, featuring an unsettling smile that seems to follow you no matter where you stand.

The paint application further amplifies this effect, with expertly applied shades and textures that brings out the horror character’s haunting expression.

Step into the Nightmare - The All-New Terrifier Art The Clown 1:6 Scale Action Figure

Terrifier Art The Clown Action Figure – 1:6 Scale

The Art The Clown figure boasts 30 points of articulation, ensuring that you can pose the Terrifier action figure in a myriad of dynamic and menacing stances.

Shopping Guide

Buy the The All-New Terrifier Art The Clown Action Figure at the following online retailers:

Entertainment Earth

Amazon and Amazon UK

eBay and eBay UK


Collectibility and Display Options for Art the Clown

For horror enthusiasts and collectors, the all-new Terrifier Art the Clown 1:6 Scale Action Figure is not just an ordinary action figure collectable,  it’s a masterpiece of terror.

Its strong detailing, craftsmanship and spine-chilling authenticity make it a coveted piece in the world of horror memorabilia and is sure to offer significant value in any action figure, or horror collection.

One of the key aspects that enhance an action figure’s collectibility is its availability. This action figure is not a limited edition, it is widely available so it is not really going to go up in value, the best you can hope for is that it holds its value.

But you are not going to buy this figure as an investment, you are going to buy it because you are a fan of the franchise and character and a fan of good horror action figures

Art The Clown is graced with multiple points of articulation and this really adds to its allure, allowing for a wide range of dynamic and menacing posing options opening up numerous possibilities for display, making it an engaging piece to showcase.

Whether you prefer a classic stance or a more action-packed pose, Art the Clown can be positioned to match the look and feel of your display. The accessories, interchangeable hands and signature saw further enhance the display options, enabling you to recreate iconic scenes from the “Terrifier” series.

This figure’s eerie presence can serve as the focal point of a horror-themed display, surrounded by other notable figures from the genre like your Michael Myers or your Leatherface.

For those who like diorama setups, the Art the Clown figure provides an excellent centrepiece, allowing you to craft chilling scenes that capture the essence of the character.

Displaying this figure in a well-lit cabinet or on a dedicated shelf will highlight its intricate details, from the blood-stained hands to the unsettling smile and for an added effect, consider using adjustable lighting to cast shadows that boosts its menacing presence.

This approach not only showcases the figure’s craftsmanship but also enhances the eerie ambience it brings to any room.


Who is Art the Clown?

Origins in Short Films:

Art the Clown originally appeared in two short films by director Damien Leone, “The 9th Circle” (2008) and “Terrifier” (2011), before becoming the central character in the full-length feature “Terrifier” (2016).

These early appearances helped establish his menacing persona and set the stage for his role in the later films.

Silent but Deadly:

Unlike many horror villains, Art the Clown is completely silent throughout his appearances. He never speaks, which adds to his eerie and unsettling presence. His silence, combined with his exaggerated facial expressions and mime-like movements, makes him uniquely terrifying.

Inspired by Classic Clowns:

Art the Clown’s design and behaviour draw inspiration from classic clown characters in horror and popular culture, such as Pennywise from Stephen King’s “It” and the Joker from Batman. However, Art’s grotesque and sadistic nature takes the fear of clowns to a new level.

Iconic Actor:

The character of Art the Clown is portrayed by actor David Howard Thornton, who brought a unique physicality to the role due to his background in mime and physical comedy. Thornton’s performance, especially his expressive face and body language, has been widely praised and is a key element of Art’s terrifying appeal.


Own a Piece of Horror History: The All-New Terrifier Art The Clown  Action Figure

In summary, the all-new Terrifier Art the Clown 1:6 Scale Action Figure is more than just a collectable; it’s a piece of horror art that brings one of the genre’s most disturbing characters to life.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a fan of the “Terrifier” series, this figure is sure to become a centrepiece in your horror action figure collection, offering a chilling reminder of why Art the Clown continues to haunt our nightmares.


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