Exploring the Colorful Journey of Buggy the Clown in One Piece

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One Piece Buggy the Clown - The Misfit Pirate Captains Journey

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Buggy the Clown is one of the early villains that Monkey D Luffy squares off against in the awesome Netflix One Piece live-action adaptation of the anime/manga series. And Buggy is a clown that really should not be underestimated despite, well being a clown.

Buggy makes a head-turning appearance in the series that brings along peculiar charisma for the ride with just the right amount of eccentricity that shapes and defines Buggy from his misfit crew.

It would be easy to just dismiss Buggy as simply nothing more than a sideshow that accompanies Luffy’s high-seas pirate-fueled adventures, but fans of the anime and manga series will know that Buggy has a very impressive list of accomplishments that he has managed to accumulate throughout the anime/manga series.


One Piece Buggy The Clown – From Kid to Clown – Buggy’s Epic Tale in the World of One Piece

Buggy was born and raised in the treacherous waters of the Grand Line a mysterious and dangerous sea route that runs almost perpendicular to the four cardinal seas (North Blue, South Blue, East Blue, and West Blue.

At the age of just 9 years, Buggy found himself being mentored by Gol D. Roger, the infamous King of the Pirates, the Pirate that sent the Pirate World onto the high seas looking for the One Piece treasure.

Buggy mixed in some big pirate circles and was often quarreling with Shanks the captain of the Red Haired Pirate Crew and one of the Four Emperors in the second half of the grand line.

It was Shanks and his crew that influenced Luffy to become a pirate himself.

During one of Buggy’s many early pirate raids Buggy the Clown found a mysterious map that detailed directions to an underwater treasure trove. He shared the information on the map Shanks which coincided with Shanks revealing that their crew had just acquired an Akuma No Mi, a Devil Fruit which held a quite staggering valuation of 100 billion Berries.

Buggy in true pirate fashion came up with a clever plan to make a faux fruit. The plan was to eat the fake fruit in front of the rest crew and secretly pocket the real Devil Fruit and cash in. But a mix-up saw Buggy eating the real Akuma No Mi. Consuming this Devil Fruit gave Buggy “Bara Bara no Mi” the ability to split his body into pieces.

When Gol D. Roger is eventually executed (which happens at the start of Episode 1 of the One Piece live-action series) Shanks makes Buggy an offer to join his Red-Haired Pirate Crew. But Buggy declines the offer with the ambitious clown harboring plans to captain his own pirate ship and the Buggy Pirate Crew were born.


One Piece Buggy The Clown – Setting Sail with Buggy – Chronicles of the Early Buggy Pirates

After declining Shanks’s offer Buggy and the newly formed Buggy Pirates headed straight for the East Sea to plunder and flex his newfound pirate authority, leading him to Orange Town.

Captaining his crew and pirate life was all plain sailing until Buggy discovered that his treasured Grand Line map had been stolen. It was at this time that fate introduced Buggy to Monkey D. Luffy, courtesy of thief and future Straw Hat crew member Nami, who handed our soon-to-be pirate hero Luffy over to the eccentric pirate clown.

Angered by the theft of the map Buggy unleashed chaos and terror on the village. This in turn angered Luffy who retaliated, launching Buggy into the skies. Buggy landed in the territory of Alvida forming an alliance with the Pirate to seek revenge on Luffy.

Buggy and Alvida headed toward Loguetown where they cornered Luffy, but Luffy was able to escape thanks to intervention from a mysterious man named Dragon.

The infamous One Piece Clown next appeared in the anime/manga when he mistook a Marine base for a treasure-laden cave. Buggy was subsequently captured.

One Piece Buggy The Clown - Buggy's Circus of Adventure: The Dawn of the Clown Pirates

One Piece Buggy The Clown – Buggy’s Circus of Adventure – The Dawn of the Clown Pirates

Impel Down aka the Underwater Prison the most feared prison in the world of One Piece is where Buggy was incarcerated, locked up on the first level.

Buggy attempted a daring solo escape that failed putting him into the grips of the monstrous Blugori guards but Buggy’s ill-fated breakout attempt was to lead Buggy into an alliance with none other than Luffy into an opportunity for an alliance. Luffy descended onto the prison’s Level 5 to rescue his brother Ace with Buggy aiding Luffy’s rescue mission. But there was more than an escape plan in Buggy’s mind for Luffy had a map that led to a treasure Buggy had been looking for.

Impel Down aka the Underwater Prison

Impel Down aka the Underwater Prison in One Piece

The deal was that Buggy would help Luffy free Ace in exchange for the map and the most unlikely of alliances was formed. Another accomplice joined the pirate duo’s escape plan, Galdino, aka Mr.3.

As they all navigate the levels of Impel Down, Luffy comes into contact with a poisonous substance and fights for his life. Buggy and Galdino head back to the higher levels of Impel Down freeing prisoners and starting a prison rebellion unleashing a riotous uproar of chaos. The likes of fellow prison inmates Jinbe, Crocodile, and Bentham, all join the chaos that ensues helping Luffy, Buggy and others to make their escape.


One Piece Buggy The Clown – Buggy’s Battlefront – The Marineford Mayhem and Clownish Escapades

In the world of “One Piece,” the Marineford – War of the Best was a titanic showdown that was to shake the very foundations of the Grand Line that pulled Buggy into the middle of the mayhem thanks to his alliance with Luffy and the breakout from Impel Down.

As the pirate escapees steered their ship towards the battlefield known as Marineford fate took an unexpected turn when a huge tsunami wave, summoned by Whitebeard, crashed toward them. But all is not lost as Aokiji’s uses his icy powers to freeze the huge tidal wave.

In the subsequent clash between pirates and marines, Buggy jumps between moments of sheer desperation to being an unintentional human shield for Monkey D Luffy.

Next came Buggy’s bold but ill-conceived attack on Dracule Mihawk. Mihawk is seen to send Buggy’s Muggy Ball right back at him with the swish of his sword. Buggy seems defeated but he jumps back into action after realizing that his crew is live-streaming on a Den Den Mushi. The Buggy show must go on!

Buggy the Pirate then proceeded to document his best bits of the war until its conclusion with Shanks’ arrival.

Buggy’s notoriety soared due to his involvement in the Impel Down escape plan and his involvement in the Marineford War so much so that he is invited to join the ranks of the Shichibukai aka the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

One Piece Buggy The Clown – Buggy’s Quirky Arsenal – Unveiling His ‘One Piece’ Abilities

In the world of “One Piece,” Buggy the Clown sets himself apart not so by brute force and power but through some very unique powers.

The main weapon in his arsenal is the Bara Bara no Mi. This power is granted to him from the mystical devil fruit that he ate and enables the colorful clown pirate to separate his body parts, disassembling them and reassembling them at will.

Bara Bara no Mi in One Piece - Buggy the Clown

Bara Bara no Mi in One Piece – Buggy the Clown

Bara Bara no Mi allows Buggy to dodge attacks, and then reassemble to continue the fight.

Also in his arsenal are the Buggy and Muggy balls. These balls are not just your everyday run-of-the-mill cannonballs, they pack an explosive punch big enough to destroy buildings as if they were just made of sticks.

But when you take time to just really look at Buggy you will notice that one of his biggest weapons is his sheer, dumb luck. Buggy doesn’t just have good fortune, he seems to have astonishingly good luck when something special is needed.

For example, when Buggy was an inmate at Impel Down, his infamy and popularity rocketed solely off the back of his association with the legendary Gold Roger.  More good fortune came Buggy’s way with his inclusion into the Shichibukai when he was just in the right place at the right time.

And these are just a few examples of how good fortune has fallen at Buggy’s feet.

One Piece Buggy the Clown - The Colorful Misfit Pirate Captains Journey

One Piece Buggy the Clown – The Colorful Misfit Pirate Captains Journey


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