Paddington with Suitcase Funko Pop!

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Paddington with Suitcase Funko Pop!

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Today we delve back into our childhood memories of Paddington Bear and bring news of the new Paddington with Suitcase Funko Pop!

We have all the news on this cool new movie Funko Pop! including the best online retailers to buy Paddington from.

Grab your marmalade sandwiches as we bring you a very cool movie Funko Pop! from the Paddington movie. 1435 Paddington with Suitcase features everyone’s favorite Peruvian Bear wearing his duffel coat and big floppy hat carrying his suitcase.

This cool movie Pop has been given a Flocked Funko Pop! makeover giving him a more lifelike furry feel that is available as a very collectible Amazon Exclusive and is also available as a regular common Pop.

This is a great Paddington Pop! but it could have been better. How cool would it have been for Paddington’s hat to be removable to reveal the tasty marmalade sandwiches that he always kept under his hat?

NB: This new 1435 Paddington with Suitcase Funko Pop! Flocked Amazon Exclusive and Common Pop! article contains product affiliate links. If you click a link and make a purchase then AFG may make a very small commission at zero cost to you.

1435 Paddington with Suitcase Funko Pop! Flocked Amazon Exclusive and Common Pop!

This new 1435 Paddington with Suitcase Funko Pop! is available as a Flocked Amazon Exclusive and also as a common Funko Pop!

1435 Paddington with Suitcase Funko Pop! Focked Amazon Exclusive

1435 Paddington with Suitcase Funko Pop! Focked Amazon Exclusive

1435 Paddington with Suitcase Funko Pop!

1435 Paddington with Suitcase Funko Pop!

Shopping Guide

You can buy the new 1435 Paddington with Suitcase Funko Pop! Focked Amazon Exclusive and Common Pop! at the following online retailers:

Price Check – Amazon and Amazon UK

Price Check – eBay and eBay UK

Also available at Entertainment Earth

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Paddington Bear’s London Adventure: A Tale of Kindness and Marmalade

Paddington, a marmalade-loving bear from Peru embarks on a heartwarming adventure where he travels from deepest darkest Peru to the streets of London where the polite and gentle bear with a penchant for getting into humorous mishaps meets the Brown family.

Released in 2014, this film brings Michael Bond’s beloved children’s book character to life, and it quickly became a family favorite.

The story begins in the lush jungles of Peru, where a young bear named Paddington, voiced by Ben Whishaw, lives with his Aunt Lucy.

Their peaceful existence takes an unexpected turn when an English explorer, Mr. Brown, visits their home and inspires Paddington to travel and see the world.


Please Look After This Bear

Armed with a suitcase full of marmalade sandwiches and a tag that reads “Please Look After This Bear,” Paddington embarks on a journey to find a new home in the bustling city of London.

Upon his arrival in London, Paddington is lost and bewildered, struggling to navigate the unfamiliar urban landscape. But fate leads him to the doorstep of the Brown family. The Browns graciously take Paddington in for the night, intending to help him find a permanent home but little do they know that this act of kindness will change their lives forever.

Paddington is one of those movies that beautifully captures Paddington’s endearing innocence and shows off his unwavering belief in the goodness of people, even in the face of adversity.

It’s a story about family, acceptance, and the magic that happens when people open their hearts to one another.

“Paddington” is a cinematic visual treat, with its depiction of a vibrant and picturesque London that mirrors the storybook world with its superb CGI animation seamlessly integrating Paddington into the real world, making him feel like a genuine character in the bustling city.


We give you Paddington 2: A Bear’s Quest for Marmalade and Adventure

Paddington was a huge box office success passing over $200 Million at the box office with Paddington 2 arriving on the big screen shortly after.

In this enchanting sequel, Paddington is now settled with the Brown family and happily integrated into their lives in surburbia.

However, when Paddington embarks on a quest to buy a special pop-up book for Aunt Lucy’s 100th birthday, the book is stolen, leading to a delightful caper filled with humor and heart and time in prison.

Hugh Grant shines as the charismatic villain, and the film’s blend of whimsy, charm, and life lessons makes it a delightful family treat, proving that kindness and determination can overcome even the stickiest of situations.


Paddington Bear: Animated Adventures in Windsor Gardens

The original “Paddington Bear” cartoon, which aired in the late 1970s, was a delightful adaptation of Michael Bond’s beloved children’s books.

The series captured the essence of the marmalade-loving bear from Peru, with a fondness for duffel coats and a hat.

Each episode followed Paddington’s amusing escapades as he settled into the Brown family’s home at 32 Windsor Gardens in London.

Voiced by Michael Hordern, Paddington’s soft-spoken, well-mannered nature and his penchant for unintentionally creating chaos in his efforts to help others made for endearing and comical storytelling.

The animation in the original series was simple yet charming, portraying Paddington’s adventures in a warm and inviting way.

The Original Paddington Bear TV Series

The Original Paddington Bear TV Series

His interactions with the Browns, including Mr. and Mrs. Brown and their children Judy and Jonathan, were the heart of the show, emphasizing the importance of family and kindness.

One of the standout features of the cartoon was Paddington’s distinctive voice and his love for marmalade sandwiches, which became iconic elements of his character.

The series maintained the spirit of Michael Bond’s books, offering young viewers valuable life lessons wrapped in humor and heartwarming moments.

For fans of Paddington, this cartoon remains a cherished classic that introduced generations to the timeless appeal of the polite and endearing bear from Peru.

Paddington with Suitcase Funko Pop! Common and Amazon Exclusive - ActionFigureGeek

Paddington with Suitcase Funko Pop! Common and Amazon Exclusive – ActionFigureGeek


Paddington 3 coming to a screen near you in 2024

The Paddington franchise continues to go from strength to strength with the news that there is a Paddington 3 movie coming sometime in 2024.

He has a string of hit movies under his belt and has met the Queen but the pinnacle of his popularity has to be his arrival as a Funko Pop!

Now Paddington fans can own their own Paddington Bear Funko Pop! The Amazon Flocked Exclusive is the version to buy as he will be more like the traditional Paddington Bear merch that we see and have come to love.

Marmalade sandwich anyone?


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