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We have a new Comic Cover Pop to report on and it’s not Marvel or DC related because Funko has released a Luke Skywalker Comic Cover Funko Pop Walmart Exclusive opening us up to a new series of Star Wars Comic Covers. Here is everything you need to know about this new Star Wars Comic Cover and the best online retailers to buy him from.

In 1977 a new movie hit the big screen called Star Wars: A new Hope, in that same year the first issue of the Star Wars comic was released, and off the back of the movie the comic became a huge success.

It’s now nearly 45 years later and Funko has released a new Star Wars Comic Cover for Luke Skywalker inspired by the Star Wars #1 comic.

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Star Wars Luke Skywalker Comic Cover Walmart Exclusive

This cool Star Wars Luke Skywalker Comic Cover Walmart Exclusive Funko Pop gives us Luke wearing his traditional robes, complete with his red lightsaber and utility belt.  He only wields the a red lightsaber in the comics. In the movies hes starts with blue and moves to green in The Return of the Jedi after Luke loses his blue saber after his confrontation with Vader at Cloud City.  The Luke comic cover Funko comes in a hard case and features the cover art for the 1977 Marvel comic book Star Wars #1.

The original copies of the comic are now valuable and highly sought-after by collectors. They are right up there with the Star Wars Action Figures for their collectability. A mint condition graded copy can cost anything up to around $1000, that’s currently around £838 here in the UK.

The  Star Wars comics are known for their action-packed storylines and dynamic artwork. With the premise of the Rebel Alliance fighting against the tyranny of the Empire.

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01 Star Wars Comic Cover – Luke Skywalker Walmart Exclusive

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The Luke Skywalker Comic Cover is the first Star Wars Comic Cover to be released. With so many Star Wars characters we can expect a whole raft of figures to be released soon from the comics.

Amongst the likely candidates to be released are Obi-Wan Kenobi, there are already great Pops for the Obi-Wan series, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca and of course, we can expect a Star Wars Darth Vader Comic Cover and a Star Wars Boba Fett Comic Cover, as we know there is a great Boba Fett Pop series available.

And of course, The Mandalorian is covered by the comics, and again as you probably know The Mandalorian is no stranger to the Funko Pop world.

We really do have endless possibilities for the Star Wars Comic Covers series.


So which Star Wars Character should have the honor of being the next Star Wars Comic Cover?

Which other Comic Cover Pops have you purchased. We love the new Wolverine Comic Cover and the Miles Morales Comic Cover Funko Pop.

And if you are a Star Wars fan check out our best Star Wars LEGO Sets article and the Star Wars Black Series action figures.

You can let us know what you like and dislike in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.



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