Superhero Madness with Hot Toys’ Tom and Jerry Cosbaby Collectible Sets!

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Superhero Madness with Hot Toys' Tom and Jerry Cosbaby Collectible Sets!

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It’s time to embrace some Superhero Madness with the new Hot Toys’ Tom and Jerry Cosbaby Collectible Sets! We have all the news on these cool cartoon collectibles and the best online retailers to buy them from.

In honor of Warner Bros.’ 100 Years of Storytelling, Hot Toys has unveiled a remarkable tribute to the iconic Tom and Jerry and the world of superheroes. The Tom and Jerry Cosbaby Collectible Sets brilliantly merge the beloved cat-and-mouse rivalry with the legendary characters of Batman and The Joker.

These non-articulated figures, ranging in size from 3 ½-inches to 5 inches tall, offer a unique hero and villain mash-up that will ignite the imagination of fans both young and old.

Join us as we delve into the enchanting world of Tom and Jerry’s transformation into Cat-man and Jerry Joker, in celebration of Warner Bros.’s century-long legacy.

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Superhero Madness with Hot Toys’ Tom and Jerry Cosbaby Collectible Sets!

Here are all the sets released.

Tom and Jerry Cosbaby Superman Collectible Set – Hot Toys

Step into a world where feline and rodent have donned the mantle of the Man of Steel himself! The Tom and Jerry Cosbaby Superman Collectible Set brings together the beloved characters in their own adorable Superman costumes. With their miniature capes flowing behind them, Tom and Jerry embody the heroic spirit of Superman while retaining their mischievous charm.

These PVC figures, standing at 3 to 5 inches tall, make for an irresistible addition to any fan’s collection.

Tom and Jerry Cosbaby Superman Collectible Set - Hot Toys

Tom and Jerry Cosbaby Batman and The Joker Collectible Set 

Prepare for an epic showdown between the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime the Joker, fused with the timeless rivalry of Tom and Jerry.

The Tom and Jerry Cosbaby Batman and The Joker Collectible Set showcases the dynamic duo’s alter egos. Tom takes on the mantle of Batman, complete with a mini Batarang, while Jerry embodies the infamous Joker.

This set captures the essence of both Batman and The Joker while capturing the playfulness of the eternal cat-and-mouse game.

Tom and Jerry Cosbaby Batman and The Joker Collectible Set 

Tom and Jerry Cosbaby Harry Potter Collectible Set

Enter the enchanting world of magic and mischief as Tom and Jerry transform into the beloved characters from the Harry Potter universe.

The Tom and Jerry Cosbaby Harry Potter Collectible Set brings forth the wizarding world’s charm with Tom and Jerry Dressing up as students in Hogwarts. Tom really looks the part wearing his Gryffindor house robes with his wand while Jerry is kitted out in the rival house robes of Slytherin with his wand. These two are sure to create another level of trouble for all the teachers and students with their mischievous magic.

This set perfectly merges the whimsy of Tom and Jerry with the captivating wizardry of Harry Potter, providing fans with an irresistible combination.

Tom and Jerry Cosbaby Harry Potter Collectible Set

Tom and Jerry Cosbaby Collectible Sets Shopping Guide

Price Check – Entertainment Earth

Price Check – AMAZON and AMAZON UK


Unleashing Iconic Characters: Tom and Jerry Meet Superheroes and Wizards!

Tom and Jerry have entertained audiences worldwide since their creation in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

Tom, the ambitious housecat, and Jerry, the clever mouse, engage in hilarious and timeless cat-and-mouse antics that have become iconic in the world of animation. Their enduring popularity stems from their ability to evoke laughter through nonverbal communication and slapstick humor.


6 Fascinating Fun Facts about Tom and Jerry

These fascinating facts highlight the incredible journey and impact of Tom and Jerry, solidifying their place as iconic figures in the world of animation.

  1. Tom and Jerry starred in 114 animated short films, making them one of the most enduring and beloved cartoon duos of all time.
  2. The animated duo won a total of seven Academy Awards for Animated Short Film, starting with their first win in 1943 for the short film “The Yankee Doodle Mouse.” This incredible achievement solidified their status as a groundbreaking and innovative animated series.
  3. One of the unique aspects of Tom and Jerry cartoons is their reliance on nonverbal communication and physical comedy. Inspired by the silent film era, the creators used exaggerated gestures, expressive animations, and clever visual storytelling to bring out the humor and charm of the characters.
  4. Tom and Jerry have garnered a worldwide fan base and have been translated into multiple languages, allowing people from different cultures to enjoy their timeless antics. The universal appeal of their slapstick humor and relatable rivalry transcends language barriers, making them a global phenomenon.
  5. Tom and Jerry have left an indelible mark on popular culture. Their influence can be seen in various forms, including merchandise, spin-off series, feature films, and even theme park attractions. Their enduring legacy continues to entertain new generations, showcasing the power of timeless characters and enduring storytelling.
  6. Throughout their long history, Tom and Jerry cartoons have showcased the evolution of animation techniques. From their early hand-drawn animation to the later introduction of more advanced technologies, such as digital animation, the series has adapted and embraced new methods while maintaining the timeless charm and humor that fans adore. This evolution not only reflects the progression of animation as an art form but also demonstrates the enduring appeal of Tom and Jerry as they continue to captivate audiences across generations.

Tom and Jerry Cosbaby Collectible Sets!

Hot Toys’ Tom and Jerry Cosbaby Collectible Sets offer a delightful fusion of beloved characters and iconic superheroes. Whether you choose to witness Tom and Jerry’s playful adventures as Superman, Batman, The Joker, or characters from the wizarding world of Harry Potter, these figures encapsulate the essence of their respective universes while maintaining the charm of the timeless cat-and-mouse duo.

So, embrace the whimsical madness and bring home these adorable collectibles that will undoubtedly bring joy and laughter to fans of all ages!


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